[Ubuntu Intrepid] How to Share Files With Mac OS X via Netatalk

Netatalk is a kernel level implementation of the AppleTalk Protocol Suite that allows any Unix/BSD system to run as a file, print and time server for any Mac machine.

While the Netatalk package is included in the Ubuntu Intrepid’s repository, the package is broken and does not work in the way it is intended to. The following instructions can help you to build, install and configure Netatalk to work in your Ubuntu Intrepid (It works in Ubuntu Hardy too).

In your terminal,

That’s it. Netatalk should now be installed and started.

You will have to start everytime you log in.

To start Netatalk,

To restart Netatalk

To Connect to Ubuntu From Mac OS X

In your Mac OS X, open the Finder. On the menu, click “Go -> Connect to server.”


Enter the IP address of your Ubuntu machine and click Connect.


It should ask you for verification. Enter your login name and password.


You should now see your Ubuntu Home folder on the left pane of Finder.



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