Ubuntu: How To Change Wallpaper Easily With Wallpapoz

Note: Wallpapoz is no longer in development and the following links are no longer working.

Wallpapoz is an easy to use wallpaper changer application for GNOME. If you love to collect wallpapers, and like your desktop to change wallpaper at regular interval, then Wallpapoz is right for you.

GNOME desktop does not come with a wallpaper changer. While there has been lots of wallpaper changing script developed by enthusiasts, none of them provide an easy to use graphical interface. Most of them will require you to run the code in your terminal.

Wallpapoz is different…

It provides a simple interface where you can add/manage/preview wallpaper (or the whole wallpaper folder) easily. You can set the time (in minute) for the wallpaper to change and whether to change in an ordered list or in random order.

One of the features that I like most is its ability to change wallpaper when you switch workspace. Did I mention that it also works well with Compiz? :)

Installing Wallpapoz

Download the source code from http://wallpapoz.akbarhome.com/download.html

Retrieve the required dependencies (for Ubuntu Gutsy):

Unzip the Wallpapoz file:

Installing the Wallpapoz

Upon successful installation, you should see


Configuring Wallpapoz

Open Wallpapoz via Applications->Accessories->Wallpapoz


Click “Add Files” to add a single wallpaper or “Add Directory” to add the whole wallpaper folder.

Click on the “Preferences” button


Change the time (in minute) to your liking. Check the “Change desktop wallpaper…” box if you want to change wallpaper when you switch workspace. If you have 4 desktop spaces, you should see the following:


where the 1, 2, 3, 4 on the left hand side refer to the workspace number. You can choose to add different wallpapers for different workspace.

Once you have finished your configuration, click “Restart” to run the Daemon.

To configure the Wallpapoz Daemon to run every time you boot up your PC, go to System -> Preferences -> Sessions.
Click Add. Enter the following:

Name: Wallpapoz
Command: /usr/local/bin/daemon_wallpapoz

Click OK.



  1. Desktop Drapes (http://drapes.mindtouchsoftware.com/) is another great piece of software that can change your wallpaper for you. It sits in your notification area, and changes your wallpapers at set intervals. It uses your default wallpapers and/or wallpapers in a user-specified folder. In Ubuntu, it’s as easy as “sudo aptitude install drapes”.

  2. sometimes, all we need is a “change wallpaper on login” option.

  3. i can’t run wallpapoz. i click on Applications->Accessories->Wallpapoz, but nothing happens.

  4. how you get 4 different wallpapers like while rotating the cube …. ? ? I always get the same one

  5. @andresX: You have to manually add wallpapers into the various workspace. On the Wallpapoz menu, select the respective workspace number (1, 2, 3, 4) and add your favorite wallpapers to it.

  6. hey damien, i wasn’t joking (or complaining) when i said i wanted to change wallpapers on login. is it possible with wallpapoz?

  7. @capi: Yes, it is possible, but you need to set Wallpapoz Daemon to run everytime you login. This can be easily done by adding an entry to System->Preferences-> Sesion.

  8. The First Comment of Greg was useful to me. I installed drapes on my Ubuntu PC. Its a great and easy to use,simple program. Thanks Greg.

  9. gnome wallpaper tray has done what i needed. it is a panel applet. you will find it on getdeb.net

  10. Both Desktop Drapes and Wallpaper tray are good and useful wallpaper changer software. It really boils down to personal preferences. I like Webilder too.

  11. It is working fine for me,

    Thank you very much, good and useful one

  12. Thanks for the toot.

  13. thank you

    can you add option; auto change wallpaper every day (not on every login)???
    i mean just new day new wallpaper (without repeat wallpaper).
    tell me how to do this

    thank you

    1. If you want your wallpaper to change every day, just set the timer to 1440 minutes (60 minutes x 24 hours)

  14. Great instructions! Gratzie. But one thing I noticed using Desktop Drapes and no that I want to try Wallapapoz…is in the Gnome desktop you can adjust your wallpapers individually under style to zoom, center, etc., how can you adjust them individually in these apps? :) Currently they all end up with one default.

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