Ubuntu 10.10 Comes With Multi-Touch Support

Apple has multi-touch technology. Microsoft’s Windows 7 also supports multi-touch. What about Linux, especially Ubuntu, which is touted as the “mainstream Linux”? Well, the news is out. The next version of Ubuntu – Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick will come with uTouch 1.0, the multi-touch and gesture stack for Linux platform.

Canonical is pleased to announce the release of uTouch 1.0, Ubuntu’s multi-touch and gesture stack. With Ubuntu 10.10 (the Maverick Meerkat), users and developers will have an end-to-end touch-screen framework — from the kernel all the way through to applications. Our multi-touch team has worked closely with the Linux kernel and X.org communities to improve drivers, add support for missing features, and participate in the touch advances being made in open source world. To complete the stack, we’ve created an open source gesture recognition engine and defined a gesture API that provides a means for applications to obtain and use gesture events from the uTouch gesture engine.

uTouch 1.0 will be included in all iteration of Ubuntu Maverick, including the desktop and netbook edition.

With the release of the gesture API, it is now the developer’s jobs to bring multi-touch application to the platform. The future looks good for Ubuntu, what do you think?

via Canonical Blog

Image credit: myuibe


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