Type More Efficiently with Typinator Licenses

With the advances in technology, we type more than ever before. We do it for work, play, and even to communicate. This is why we need to do it more efficiently, and we can with Typinator Licenses. Why type the same information again and again, such as your name, phone number, email, home page URL, etc.? Why add the same image repeatedly into multiple documents? You can increase your productivity by having those monotonous tasks done automatically and can have your common errors and typos automatically corrected whether you’re typing in U.S. or British English, German or French.

  • Create a list of frequently-used phrases and addresses
  • By tapping just a few keys, insert the date and time in your choice of format
  • When typing in your favorite app, auto-correct common typos
  • Insert pictures as signatures, smilies, and logos
  • Fire off standard customer service responses
  • Create templates for code fragments and blocks
  • Put documentation standards in place
  • Simplify and quicken the editing of web pages with built-in HTML blocks

Be more efficient for just $15.99.

Typinator Licenses

Bonus: KOBRA Universal 2-in-1 Fish-Eye Lens Kit


Expand your photography on your smartphone with the KOBRA Universal 2-in-1 Fish-Eye Lens Kit. Snap the ultimate in creative photos with thes portable lenses that can attach to both iPhones and Android phones. This kit includes sturdy aluminum fish-eye, wide-angle, and super macro lens. It couldn’t be any easier.

  • Carry the kit with you and use the simple clip to attach a lens
  • Get up to a 180º view with the fish-eye lens
  • Magnify your subject up to 0.67 times with the wide-angle lens
  • Get super macro magnification with the super-macro lens.

Get this lens kit for less than $10.

KOBRA Universal 2-in-1 Fish-Eye Lens Kit

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