How To Type Morse Code in Gboard App

Gboard Morse Code Message

Morse code is the language of two distinct signals, which are combined in a variety of ways to signify every letter in English. That means that morse code allows you to type entire sentences using only two buttons. Gboard has made this process even simpler. You can use the app to type in Morse code if for some medical or other reason you are unable to type on the regular Gboard.

Setting up the Morse Gboard

Open your Android phone’s Settings list.

Gboard Morse Settings Page

Scroll down until you get to the System option and click on it.

Gboard Morse Systems Page

Then select “Languages and Input”.

Gboard Morse Languages Input

Scroll through the list of options until you see the “Virtual Keyboard” option. Select the option, and on the next page, select Gboard.

Gboard Morse Virtual Keyboard

This will open the Settings list for options relating to the function of the Gboard app.

Select the Languages option from the list, which will take you to the page used to decide which type of virtual keyboard should be added to your list.

Gboard Morse Keyboard

Select the English language by tapping on it to reveal a new page with various types of English keyboard layouts to choose from, like QWERTY or QWERTZ.

Scroll left past the layout types until you see the option titled Morse Code.

Gboard Morse Layout

Select this option and tap on Done. The morse code keyboard has now been added to your Gboard app.

Turning On Morse Code Texting

Open an app that requires typing of some kind. Bring up your Gboard on the screen.

Gboard Layout

Near the bottom of the Gboard is a Globe icon. Press down on this icon for a few seconds to bring up a list of options for the type of keyboard you want to use.

Gboard Choices

One of the options will be for the Morse Code keyboard. Select this option, and the Gboard screen will change, removing the letters and numbers and splitting the keyboard into two equal sections. Tapping on either section of the Gboard will send one of the two Morse signals.

Gboard Morse Keyboard (1)

Now you can tap on the two sections of the keyboard to type in Morse signals. These signals will then be converted into alphabets and numbers, which will be displayed at the top of the app in the suggestion bar. You can type out entire sentences in this fashion.

Customizing the Keyboard

You can further customize the Morse Code keyboard by going back to System, then Languages and Input. Tap on Virtual Keyboard, then Gboard, then the Language of your choice and finally selecting the Morse Code.

Gboard Morse Options

Scroll down the page to see a list of customization options which include:

Character/Word Timeout: Changing how long Gboard takes to convert a Morse Code sequence into a letter, and for those letters to be converted into words.

Repeat Keystrokes: This enables you to repeat a keystroke after a certain amount of time has passed while you’re pressing down on the button.

Sound on Keypress: Keys will make a sound to indicate when you have pressed them.

Mini Keyboard Height: Controls the dimensions of the virtual keyboard.


Gboard’s Morse Code keyboard feature is a fun way to practice and get better at using Morse Code. More importantly, it can be a good way for someone suffering from some sort of hand impairment to send phone texts via simplified means. All it takes is some practice and patience to get used to communicating online via Morse Code.


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