Quick Tips to Type Faster in Android

If you are using the default Google keyboard in Android, here are a few tricks that you can use to improve your typing speed.

1. Press “space” twice to insert a period – Instead of physically typing a period at the end of each sentence, you can now hit the “Space” key twice and it will automatically insert a period follow by a space.

2. Swipe to type – Instead of physically typing out each character, you can now swipe your finger from character to character to form a sentence.

3. Quickly access the special characters with the Period button – If you want to quickly access the special characters like @, &, % etc, simply press and hold the Period key and the special characters window will pop up.

4. Access foreign characters – if you need to access foreign characters like á é í ó ú ý, simply press and hold the button for the respective character.

5. Change the currency sign – While on the number keyboard, you can press and hold the dollar key to change the currency sign. For example, if you want to type (£) instead of ($), press and hold ($) and you can choose the currency sign to use.


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