Twitter’s New Two-Factor Authentication No Longer Needs Phone Numbers

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Twitter users, perhaps gullibly, added their phone numbers and email addresses to their Twitter accounts believing it would keep them safe, only for it to be revealed last month that some of that information that was added was unintentionally used for advertising. It wasn’t so easy just to remove all that information, however, as the phone numbers were needed for two-factor authentication with Twitter.

But Twitter users will no longer need their phone numbers to authenticate in 2FA. Now there will be a choice of three ways to authenticate, one of those being with the phone number. But it will no longer be the only way.

Improving Twitter 2FA

Twitter introduced the 2FA authentication system a few years ago. Last May it enhanced its system to allow logging in with a single tap. It required owners to type in a code that was sent to their phone when they attempted to sign in. It was designed to add an extra layer of security, along with the password. But when it was revealed addresses and phone numbers were used for advertising, that was no longer seen as a safe option.

With the new improvements, Twitter users will be able to choose between three options to provide that second “factor” of 2FA to authenticate their login. They can still choose to authenticate with their phone number via text message, or they can now use an authenticator app or security key.

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Authenticator apps can be downloaded through both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, it’s then paired with the Twitter account to enable 2FA with Twitter. The bonus here is that it can be used with other logins to keep all your accounts safe.

Security keys block hackers through a physical device. For a hacker to break into the account, they would need to physically have that key in hand. The advantages with that system are clear.

Removing Phone Number from Twitter Account

Twitter users can choose the “Login Verification” option that will give them the three ways to enable 2FA. After choosing a security key or an authenticator app, they can then delete their phone numbers through the Account menu.

For those who already have 2FA set up with their phone number, when they delete the phone number from their account, it will bring up a “Safeguard your account” prompt. It may also also bring up a message that removing their phone number will deactivate 2FA, though those mentions should eventually go away as Twitter continues to roll out this new system.

Does the new 2FA system allowing you to delete your phone number from your account make you feel safer with Twitter? Or did they lose your trust permanently last month by misusing your phone number and address? Sound off below in the comments and let us know your concerns.

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