Twittering From Open Office

Using clients like twhirl or twitterfox, you can post tweets to twitter from your desktop and Firefox browser. However, if you spend a lot of time on Open Office, you may want a quicker way to get your twitter updated, without having to leave Open Office.

OOoTwitter is a simple Open Office extension that allows you to post to Twitter. Once installed, it will load an input field where you can submit your message to Twitter. It is very easy to use and it is unobstructive and can be loaded from the menu Tools -> Add-ons -> Post to twitter.




OooTwitter uses cURL to send message to Twitter. You will have to install cURL in order for the extension to work.

A point to note is that OOoTwitter only allows you to send tweets. It won’t be able to receive any updates from your friends.

Download OOoTwitter.oxt

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  1. What about a tool that would tweet while you are presenting. Recently it’s become popular to tweet from conferences. It would definitely help if the presenter could tweet slide titles and people would just comment on them.

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