Twitter May Start Paying You for Viral Tweets

Social media has been rewarding influencers in one way or another for some time. Twitter is considering expanding on that idea. The social network may start paying users for viral tweets. But how popular does your tweet have to be for it to be considered viral enough to get paid for it?

Jack Dorsey's Comments

Twitter is considering this business model for 2022. The plan really hasn't been acted on yet and is mostly at the discussion stage.

While attending a virtual Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, it was reported that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the social network may start paying account holders who post viral tweets.

Paid Viral Tweets Phone

Before you start spending that cash, know that it doesn't sound like every viral tweet would be paid. "I think the first thing we want to focus on is that economic incentive to people who are contributing to Twitter," said Dorsey. Certainly, it would be a way to inspire people to post more.

And Twitter isn't alone. TikTok and Instagram are also considering payment options to viral account holders. It would be an option for accounts that are popular and have a frequency of posts.

Twitter Platform Changes

Paid viral tweets isn't the only change Twitter is cooking up. Its other new formats show a new direction for the social network.

Paid Viral Tweets Follow

Last month Twitter acquired Revue, a newsletter platform. This allows users to break out of the little box and publish long-form content.

Additionally, Twitter is also working on its audio app Spaces. This allows users to listen to speakers, comedians, musicians, etc. It's a great option for these "remote times."

Growth and change are beneficial. Twitter isn't going to survive if it never busts out of the boxes. It found a new purpose during the past U.S. presidency - now that the country and world have moved on, maybe it's time Twitter and social media as a whole do as well.

Paid Viral Tweets Phone

On top of that, the world is dealing with a global health crisis that is forcing it to do everything remote. We depend on virtual connections more than ever. Maybe it's time for the people who are influencing and entertaining us in these formats get compensated.

Read on to learn about Twitter's other new feature, disappearing tweets, aka "fleets."

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