How-To Guide to Twitter Lists

In 2009, one of the biggest news that came from Twitter were the use of Twitter lists. Twitter Lists allows users to organize tweeple into smaller groups, which help in being able to view their tweets that could be missed otherwise. One of the great things about Twitter Lists is that you can add any person you want, regardless if you follow him/her or not. Other users can add you on their own list, and subscribe to the lists that you have created. If you choose, you can also make a list private. Here is a comprehensive how-to guide on everything you need to know on Twitter Lists.

How to Create a Twitter List

It’s very easy to create your own Twitter List. You can create up to ten lists.

  • Log in to your Twitter account
  • After logging in, click the New list link under the Lists area


  • Enter a name, description (less than 100 characters), if you want it public or private


  • There are several ways of adding people to the list
  • a. Go to a person’s profile
    b. Go to the people you are following or are following you
    c. Search for people

  • Press the list icon, and select the list you want to add the person. You can add a person to multiple lists, if you choose to

twitterlist_add person to list

Editing and Deleting Lists

  • Click on the Twitter list you want to modify or delete
  • If you decide to delete a twitter list, click the Delete link
  • A prompt will pop-up asking if you are sure, press the Ok button

twitterlist_deletion prompt

  • If you want to edit a list, click the Edit link
  • The window looks just like the “creating new list” window
  • Removing Yourself from a List

    One of the concerns is that you find yourself on a list that you don’t want to be in. For instance, “Degenerates.” You can go to the creator’s profile and block him/her. This will remove you from the Twitter list.

    How to Find Twitter Lists

    The best way to find new and interesting Twitter Lists is by going to Listorious. Listrious is the directory of Twitter Lists. You can search by tags, the staff’s picks, and their own lists. If you have a Twitter List that you want to add to Listorious, you can just press the “Add a List” button. If you register with the site, your Twitter Lists that you created and the ones you are on will be on. You can click on the “Add to Listorious” link, and they will be added to the directory. After adding a Twitter List to Listorious, you can publicize it by tweeting it to your followers. After it’s added, people can follow your Twitter List and/or recommend someone to be added. This will be tweeted to you so you can make the decision to add him/her or not.


    Follow a Twitter List

    If you find a Twitter List that you want to follow, you just have to click on the Twitter List link, and press the “Follow List” button. If you want to unfollow it, just click the Unfollow link. Very simple.

    How to Track Keywords in Twitter Lists

    If you want to track certain keywords in a Twitter List, the best way to do this is by using ListiMonkey. First, add the Twitter list that you want to track the keywords from. For instance, @dcfemella/technology. After that, enter the keywords you want to follow. Enter your email address and the time frequency you want it sent.


Is there anything that I have left out? I love to hear it in the comments.

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