6 Twitter Limitations You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

6 Twitter Limitations You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Twitter has announced that it plans to increase the number of characters from 140 to a limit of 10,000. This is something that has caused users to complain because they feel that this new limit is going to make Twitter lose its identity. For better or for worse, the 140 character limitation is not the only limit the social network has. These are some Twitter limitations you probably didn’t even know existed.

Usernames Can Only Be 15 Characters Long

Usernames can have a maximum of 15 characters, and that does not include the @. You can naturally add letters, numbers, and underscores. You could even create a username with a single character if there were any available.


Send a Maximum of 1,000 Messages a Day

I honestly don’t know who would need to send that many messages, but that is the limit Twitter has for their users. I understand that they do this to avoid spam, and it makes sense especially after they allowed users to send a direct message to anyone.

You Can’t Tweet More Than 2,400 Times a Day

A lot of people spend a lot of time on Twitter, but it’s hard to believe that someone would tweet more than 2,400 times a day. To pull that off, you would have to send 100 tweets an hour without sleeping. Another measure to avoid spamming.

You Can’t Follow More Than 2000 Users without Limits


This one just might be the most interesting one of them all. This is probably the only Twitter limit that you will run into. Once you follow 2,000 users, you can only have 10% more followers than the people you follow. In other words, if you want to follow more than 2,000 people, you have to have more than 1,800 followers. When you reach a limit, Twitter will let you know with an error message telling you that.

Twitter Won’t Allow You to Create More Than 1,000 Lists

Lists are a very useful tool when you want to get information about a certain something or read tweets from a particular circle of people because you don’t have time to read the entire timeline. However, it is difficult to believe that someone would have 1,000 lists (or even 50 for that matter). This seems like a method to avoid people getting too much attention from other users by using dirty tactics.

Every Account Can Only Follow 5000 Users Total

If you have somehow managed to follow 5000 users, you will face limits as to the number of new users you can follow. Every Twitter account is open to limits, even API and high profile accounts. Twitter won’t let you follow more than 1,000 accounts per day, and the social network says it’s a technical limit to prevent egregious abuse from spam accounts.

Even though Twitter says you can’t follow more than 5,000 accounts, there is a way to work around that. You will need to wait until you have more followers before you can follow anyone else.


You will probably never have to deal with these limits, but it’s nice to know what they are if you ever do. Don’t forget to give the post a share, and let me know what you think of the limits in the comments.

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