Twimbow: Personalize Your Tweets With Colors

Twimbow is a new web-based twitter client. Not the newest concept, I know. However, most of the other Twitter apps are geared toward the power user or business user. Twimbow is a little different.

What makes Twimbow different is that it color codes your tweets and let you personalize it to your liking.


For starters the column layout is different from most other Twitter clients. You will only ever see 3 columns when using Twimbow, but you can access many columns worth of information from these 3 pillars. In the combined columns you have access to information which would normally take up 3 or more columns in other applications.


In the Home Buzz, you can click on the ladder looking icon on the top left of the column. Doing this will drop down all of your Twitter lists and lists you follow.


In the search column, clicking on the magnifying glass will let you select from all of your existing searches. These searches would be additional columns in other apps.

Personal Buzz

Your Personal Buzz column combines your Direct Messages, @ mentions, RTs from and about you, and your favorite saved tweets. If you do not want one of these categories to show up in the column, you can delete it.


Home Buzz

The Home Buzz column is your normal stream of incoming tweets. You can see all of the normal information in this column.

If you are reading your main stream of tweets and see part of a conversation, you have the option of expanding a tweet to see all the tweets making up the thread. This feature is a big time saver if you start reading half way through.



Searching in Twimbow can be done by the search bar in the top right corner of the window. You can perform 2 types of searches, for a person or a keyword. To toggle between the searches, click on the word Search or People.

When you complete a search, you will see the results in the third column. You can search for numerous terms and people, all will be displayed in the third column. Each new search will appear on top of the last search. Access the previous searches by clicking on the magnifying glass.

Also part of the search is the Monitor. The Monitor is a popup screen displaying a collapsed search window. You can quickly see how many new tweets are in the search. If you want to see the tweets, you can expand the search window.


Sending a tweet

Sending a tweet is pretty straight forward, click the New Post tab and type your 140 characters. The built-in URL shortener is and the pictures are added via Pikchur.

One feature I wasn’t used to is being able to add a song to a tweet. I’ve usually used or share options within Pandora. Being able to type in the artist name and song title then add it right there is very convenient.


In the body of the tweet, you can change the colors of the text to add a little flair and make your tweet stand out from the rest of the stream.



I really like the use of space. It saves time not needing to scroll to the right 8 columns to check on a search term. Being able easily add a song is a cool feature. The tweets I sent using the colors and songs did not show up correctly in Tweetdeck or the new Twitter. I am sure that will be taken care of though.

Right now Twimbow is invite only. Head over to Twimbow, fill in your Twitter username and email and they will send you the invitation code. If they have run out of invite, simply leave a comment here with your Twitter username and we will help you get an invite. Limited slots. First come, first serve.

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.

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