Been Searching From The URL Bar? Now You Can Tweet From It As Well!

When Firefox 3 first debuted, its “awesome bar” is only capable of searching from the history and bookmarks (and of course, load URL). Then, we teach you how to perform a search from the URL bar. Now, you can add another feature to it: send a tweet from the URL bar.

There is no lack of twitter extensions for Firefox, but TwitterBar is kind of simple, unique and does not take up much space. Best of all, it resides in your address bar and allows you to update your tweet right within the address bar.

After the installation, you will find a small Twitter icon sits at the right corner of your address bar. Just enter your tweet on the address bar and click the Twitter icon to post your tweet. Alternatively, type “--post” to the end of your tweet to post your tweet instantly.


When you are surfing the web, clicking the Twitter icon will also send a tweet containing the URL of the webpage you are currently viewing. This is by far, the quickest way to share the page you like.

Other features of Twitterbar

Social Search

Other than tweeting, the Twitterbar extension also allows you to perform a social search from the URL bar. Simply type in your search term and click on the OneRiot icon (beside the twitter icon).

Tweet to multiple accounts

Unlike most Twitter extensions/apps, Twitterbar supports posting to multiple account simultaneously. Simply append the “--@account to the end of your tweet (but before typing --post) and you can post to different account.


To add a new account, just type --account in the URL bar. You’ll be prompted to sign into Twitter with the new account.

URL shortening

Twitterbar supports, and Tinyurl as the URL shortening service.


Overall, TwitterBar is a neat tool for those who value your screen space and want a quick and easy solution to update your Tweets. It will be great if there is an option to show more information on the sidebar. Nonetheless, this is still a great extension.

Check it out. TwitterBar extension for Firefox.


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