Tweet And Get It Plugin Helps You Increase Your Twitter Followers

I guess you are very familiar with the “Sign up for my newsletter and get a freebie” gimmick. This is a very common trick used by many webmasters to increase their email/rss feed subscribers. Basically, the webmaster offers a supposedly high-valued item (such as ebooks, software etc) for free, with the condition that the visitors subscribe to their email newsletters. The Tweet and Get It WordPress plugin works in a similar way, except that it helps you to gain more Twitter followers rather than email subscribers.

The working behind the Tweet and Get It plugin is simple. First, you create a high-value product to be given away. Next, you create a Tweet and Get it button which is linked indirectly to your download page. When your visitors click the button, they have to first follow your Twitter account and send a tweet before they are redirected to the download page.

1. Install and activate the Tweet and Get It plugin.

2. Go to “Tweet and Get It -> Make Your button” section. Here’s where you can create download button for your free product.

You have to enter your Twitter account, the tweet you want the visitor to send in exchange for the product and upload the product (or insert in the download URL if the file is not hosted in your server). Lastly, enter the name of the button.


3. Click the “Create your button” button. It will then generate the shortcode for the button. Copy the shortcode and paste it to the product giveaway article. This is what you will see in the front page.


When your reader click the button, he/she will be brought to the Twitter authorization page where they have to grant authorization to the Tweet and Get It app. After that, the following screen will appear and they have to click OK (to send the tweet and follow your Twitter account) to proceed.


Lastly, the download button will appear where they can download your file.



One thing that I like about this Tweet and Get It plugin is that from the start to the end, it only takes you 5 minutes to set it up and there is totally no coding knowledge required. If you are looking to increase your Twitter followers count, this is a very useful plugin that you can consider.

Tweet and Get It

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  1. This is very nice indeed. I did not believe I could use twitter for building my business. I tested this idea and it sure works. Thanks a lot for pointing it out to us!


    1. I am glad that it is useful to you. Hope you have used it successfully to grow your business.

  2.  thanks alot for sharing this i was seraching this viral plugin from long i will apply it to my blog right now :)

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