TweakNow PowerPack 2010: A Comprehensive Tweaker Applications for Windows

While there are plenty of tweak applications out there for the Windows OS, the TweakNow PowerPack 2010 has got to be the most comprehensive tweak app that I have ever come across. Other than the simple tasks cleaning tool, it also allows you to configure plenty of internal settings which would otherwise require you to access the registry to configure it. We have previously included it as one of the top download in our 100 windows applications list, but I guess it deserves a full review article of its own.

When you first run TweakNow PowerPack 2010, you will be presented with the registry cleaning options on the main screen. On the left pane are all the other tweaking options.


You can click the Analyze button to scan your registry for duplicate and issues. It also checks your Internet activity for redundant files and traces of your privacy records. Once it has finished scanning, you can then click the “Fix and Clean” button to clean it up.



Miscellaneous Tools

The Miscellaneous Tools section contains some of the most useful tools that you will ever need to tweak your system for best performance and efficiency.

Auto Shutdown – Allows you to set a timer to log off/shutdown/hibernate your computer.


CD Autorun – Have you ever hated the autorun popup whenever you insert a CD? Well, you can now disable the autorun feature. Other than that, you can also change the default CD and DVD player.

Process Manager – Allows you to view the running processes and kill those that are not in use. You can also set priority for each task.


TweakNow Shortcut – With TweakNow Shortcut, you can create a custom shortcut for a CPU intensive application. When you activate this shortcut, it will prioritize the application startup and free up extra RAM for the application. This is useful in the situation when you are already running several applications and you need to open another CPU-intensive application.


RAM Optimizer – An useful tool that will free up RAM whenever they are not in use.

Virtual Desktop – Enable up to 4 virtual desktop for your Windows desktop

System Information

Here is where you can find out plenty of information for your system, from the motherboard, hard disk, CPU, network, video to the version of Windows that you are using.


Windows Cleaner

There are several things that you can clean up in this area. You can clean your Hard Drive, clean up the startup items, clean up the registry, defragment the registry, uninstall an application or even analyze your hard disk for the folder that take up the most space.


Windows Secret

The title doesn’t really tell you what this tool does. Well, it allows you to configure the options for some of the popular and frequently accessed applications. There is a whole big bunch of things that you can tweak, from the windows login screen to the default search engine in Internet Explorer, and even setting your own logo for OEM manufacturer.





As I mentioned from the start, this is easily the most comprehensive tweak application that I have ever come across. Unless you like hacking into the registry all the time, this tool is going to be very useful to you.

Download TweakNow PowerPack


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