Tweak Your Windows With Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Think you know your Windows well? Wait till you have tried out Ultimate Windows Tweaker, then you will know how much more things that you never know exist can now be tweaked and configured.

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a freeware Tweak UI Utility for tweaking and optimizing Windows Vista and 7, 32-bit & 64-bit. There is no installation required and it can simply be downloaded and used as a portable application. With a few mouse clicks, you will be able to tweak your system and make it runs more faster, stable and more secure.

Once you have downloaded (and extracted) the application, simply double click to launch the UWT.

The tweaks are classified under seven categories, namely Personalization, User Accounts and UAC, System Performance, Security Settings, Network Tweaks, Internet Explorer and Additional Tweaks.


This is where you tweak the looks and feels of the Windows Explorer, Start menu and taskbar. You can get it to show/hide menu bar, drive letter, open folders in separate process, disable context menu in Start menu, remove Volume icon from taskbar and many more tweaks.


User Accounts and UAC

Configure the settings for user accounts and UAC.


System Performance

If you are always wondering why is your computer so slow and how you can make it run faster, the System Performance section gives you plenty of options to tweak the performance setting of your computer.


Security Settings

This page doesn’t really deal with the back end security of the system other than giving you the option to disable a number of applications. From the Administrative panel to the applications and Windows update, you can choose which applications you don’t need and disable them here.


Network Tweaks


Internet Explorer

The UWT is able to detect which version of IE you are using and provide the relevant options for you to tweak. Most of the options are available in the IE option page, but this provides a centralised place for you to control all the IE settings.


Overall, the Ultimate Windows Tweaker is a simple, small and powerful tool for you to control the settings of your Windows Vista/7 in a centralised place. For those who are not accustomed to tweaking the registry and accessing the command prompt, this will provide a good tool for you to power up your Windows experience.


Damien Oh started writing tech articles since 2007 and has over 10 years of experience in the tech industry. He is proficient in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, and worked as a part time WordPress Developer. He is currently the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Make Tech Easier.

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