Turn Your Ubuntu Intrepid Into Mac OSX Leopard

This is an updated version of my previous post Turn Ubuntu Hardy into Mac OSX.

That post was written six months ago and many things have changed during this period of time: release of Ubuntu Intrepid, newer Mac4Lin theme, better globalmenu applet etc. As such, I have decided to rewrite this tutorial for the Intrepid platform.

Disclaimer: This tutorial was based on Ubuntu Intrepid and Mac4Lin RC1 themes. I don’t guarantee that it will work on other distro or other version of Ubuntu.

Download the Mac4Lin themes and extract it to your Home folder. You should see a Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 folder that contains all the configuration files in your Home directory.

Preparing the installation path

Next, in your Home directory, press Ctrl + H to reveal all the hidden files. Check if any of the three folders .themes, .fonts, .emerald exist. If not, create three folders and name them .themes, .fonts, .emerald. Create another folder within .emerald folder and name it themes.

Installing the Mac4Lin themes

Open a terminal, type in:

cd Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1
sh Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh

This will install the Gnome themes (window border and icons), change the wallpaper and the panel background.

During the installation process, the installer will ask you for root access in order to install certain components (refer to the image below). Type y to continue.

Mac4Lin installer

After the installation, your desktop should look something like this:

mac4lin initial desktop

Installing the AWN dock

(The AWN dock may/may not work in all machine. If you find that it does not work after following the instructions below, you may want to try out Cairo dock that is less demanding on the machine.)

The AWN dock requires a compositing manager to work. If your system supports Compiz, it will be able to run AWN as well. if not, we have to install the X compositing manager.

Go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance, click on the Visual Effects tab.  Click on the Extra radio button. If you see the following image, then your computer does not support Compiz. (If you don’t see the image below, proceed directly to install AWN.)

compiz not supported

You have to install the alternative X composition manager

sudo apt-get install xcompmgr

Add it to your auto-start list. Go to System -> Preferences -> Session. Add the following:


Install AWN

The AWN dock is already included in the Intrepid repository, so you can easily install it by clicking this link. Alternatively, you can also type the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator

Once the installation is done, go to Preferences -> AWN Manager. On the left pane, click on the Themes. On the right, click Add. Navigate to the Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 folder. Open up the AWN folder and select Mac4Lin_AWN_v1.0_RC.tar.gz. Click Open. The AWN theme should be installed now. Check the radio button beside the theme and click Apply. Click Close.

Applying Mac4lin AWN theme

Before we launch the AWN, we need to remove the bottom panel so that there won’t be an overlap. At the bottom panel, right-click the mouse and select Delete This Panel. Activate AWN by going to Applications -> Accessories -> Avant Window Navigator. You should see the AWN loading up in the bottom of the screen. To add applications to the dock, click on the Applications at the top panel and navigate to the particular application you want to add. Drag the application icon to the dock. That’s it. You should see something like the image below:

mac desktop with awn

To start AWN everytime you log in, go to System -> Preferences -> Sessions. Click Add. Fill up the following:

add AWN to startup

Click Add, follow by Close. AWN will now automatically load when you login to your computer.

Installing OSX font

Go to System -> Preferences -> Appearance. Click on the Fonts tab Change the following field to the same as the image below:

Mac4lin font setup

Make sure the Subpixel smoothing (LCDs) button is checked. Click Close.

Installing Global menu

There is a repository for Ubuntu Intrepid that you can add to the sources.list, but it is not the updated version (0.6) and it is buggy. Instead, we will download the latest version (0.7.1) from the code homepage. In the future when the repository is updated to the newer and more stable version, I will update this post again.

For 32-bit machine

Download gnome-globalmenu-0.7.1-1.fc10.i386.rpm to your Home folder from the Globalmenu Google code site.

Note that the file is of rpm format. We need to use alien to convert it to deb format.

In the terminal, type:

sudo apt-get install alien
sudo alien --scripts gnome-globalmenu-0.7.1-1.fc10.i386.rpm

This will create a gnome-globalmenu-0.7.1-1.fc10.i386.deb file in your Home folder. Double-click on the deb file to activate the installer. Click Install Package to install Globalmenu.

install globalmenu

For 64-bit machine

Open your text-editor (Applications -> Accessories -> Text Editor).

Copy and paste the following:

# Uncomment to load the GTK module
export GTK_MODULES=globalmenu-gnome
# Uncomment to tell the GTK module to open a Gtk
# TreeView for all menus in the application you start.
# export GNOMENU_FUN=1
# Uncomment to disable global menu.
# Uncomment to print a lot of debugging messages
# Uncomment to save the debugging messages to the given file.
# export GNOMENU_LOG_FILE=/tmp/gnomenu.log
# uncomment to disable the plugin for specific programs.
# export GTK_MENUBAR_NO_MAC="fast-user-switch-applet"

Save the file as .gnomerc in the Home folder.

In your terminal,

gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following line to the end of the file. Save and close.

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/globalmenu-team/ubuntu intrepid main

Back in your terminal,

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome2-globalmenu

Now, on the top panel, remove all the icons and menu from the left side of the panel. Right-click on the icon and select “Remove from panel”.

On the right of the top panel, remove the logout icon. Still on the right hand side of the top panel, right click and select ‘Add to panel‘. Scroll down the list and add ‘Search for files‘. This will add the spotlight icon to the panel.

add spotlight search to panel

On the left of the top panel, right click and select ‘Add to panel‘. Scroll down the list and add Main Menu and Global Menu Panel Applet.

add globalmenu to panel

The Globalmenu might not appear or work well after you have added it. Logout and login again and you should see the globalmenu working perfectly on the top panel.

Right click on the globalmenu and select Preferences. Check “Enable Global Menu” and unchecked “Icon”.

globalmenu preferences


The globalmenu is compatible with most of the GTK application. However, some programs, such as Firefox will not work with it.

Creating Dashboard effect

We will use a combination of screenlets and Compiz widget plugin to achieve the dashboard effect.

If you have not installed Screenlets, click here to install.

If you have not installed Compiz Configuration Settings Manager, click here to install.

Alternatively, you can also type the following command in terminal to install:

sudo apt-get install screenlets compizconfig-settings-manager

Go to System->Preferences->CompizConfig Settings Manager. On the Left, click on Desktop. On the right, put a check beside ‘Widget layer

Go to Applications –>Accessories->Screenlets. Activate the widgets that you want to display. Right click on the widget and select ‘Properties’. Go to Options tab and select ‘Treat as widget’. Do this for all the widgets that you have activated.

You can now see your dashboard in action by pressing F9.

Fixing up some small detail

Until now, your desktop should be very close to a Mac desktop, but there are still some small details such as the Gnome icon at the top panel, mouse cursor etc. Let’s fix them up now.

Replace the apple logo

1. Download the apple icon (Right-click and select “save link as”).

2. Go to Places –> Home Folder. Press Ctrl + H to reveal the hidden files.

3. Navigate to /.icons/Mac4Lin_Icons_v1.0_RC/scalable/places. Scroll down to find the images distributor-logo.png, gnome-main-menu.png, main-menu.png and start-here.png. Note that all of them are the same image. Rename them to distributor-logo.png.old, gnome-main-menu.png.old, main-menu.png.old and start-here.png.old respectively.

4. Now, with the apple icon that you have downloaded, make four copies and rename them to distributor-logo.png, gnome-main-menu.png, main-menu.png and start-here.png. Copy and paste all of them to the folder.

5. Logout and login again. The logo at the top panel should change to the apple icon now.

Changing mouse cursor

Go to System –> Preferences –> Appearance. Select Customize. Click on the Pointer tab. Select Mac4Lin_Cursors_v1.0_RC. Click Close.

Configuring usplash screen

Until now, you have done up the interior, it’s time to fix the exterior: usplash screen and grub screen.

Install startupmanager by clicking here or type the following command in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install startupmanager

Go to System -> Administration -> Startup-Manager. Click on the Appearance tab.


Press the Manage bootloader themes button. This will pop up a window allowing you to select the background image for the GRUB.

Click on the Add button and navigate to File System –> Home –> Username –> Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 –> GRUB. You should see three files. Refer to the below screenshots on how each file looks like. Pick the one that you like best.

Back to the main window, select the image from the drop down bar. Remember to check the box “Use background image for bootloader menu”.

There is a bug in Ubuntu Intrepid that prevent the user from changing the usplash screen. We have to do a workaround using splashy. Here’s the hack for it:

Remove the default usplash

sudo apt-get autoremove usplash

Download these two files to your desktop:


Double-click the downloaded files to install.

Download the osx-splash splashy theme file to your Home folder.

In your terminal,

sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz
sudo mv /etc/splashy/config.xml /etc/splashy/config.xml.old
sudo cp /etc/splashy/themes/osx-splash/config.xml /etc/splashy/config.xml

Now, we need to edit the GRUB file

gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst

Scroll down till you find the kernel entry. Append the term vga=792 to the end of the kernel line (see screenshot below). Save and close.

edit grub for splashy

That’s it.

Complete Screenshots

Grub screen


Login screen

intrepid osx login screen

Intrepid Mac OSX desktop

ubuntu intrepid mac osx desktop

Intrepid Mac OSX desktop with dashboard effect

Intrepid OSX desktop with dashboard effect


If you want to change the theme back to the original setting, here is what you need to do:

1. Remove the globalmenu from the top panel

2. Remove all the installed files:

sudo apt-get autoremove splashy libsplashy1 gnome-globalmenu

3. Restore the usplash theme and remove the vga=792 from the GRUB file.

sudo apt-get install usplash

4. Uninstall the Mac4Lin themes

cd Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC
sh Mac4Lin_Uninstall_v1.0_RC.sh


References: Ubuntu Forum, Splashy, Bauer-Power


  1. Excellent tutorial!! I was longing for such a kind of detailed tutorial to turn my ubuntu into Mac.

    Thank you very much!!

  2. Or, and here’s an idea – Just go get a Mac.

    I mean, honestly, yay for Linux’s amazing versatility that it can be transformed to look like just about anything…but the whole reason I RUN Linux is because it’s NOT owned by Apple and it’s NOT owned by Bill Gates, it’s owned by ME.

    And personally, developing your own style on the desktop is the ultimate. Everything else is just being a lemming all over again.


  3. great manual man, I will be trying to make this work with my Fedora really soon and you helped me work out some little details I didnt know how to do…

    I dont know as for what Ghost was saying… I think that Linux is about making it what you want it to be…If you like Mac but dont want to pay for that then Linux gives us an oportunity to pretend :P I think that it is a “free choice” and if somebody wants to have their linux loook exactly like vista why not…That is what Linux is about
    FREE choice :)

  4. that is a really great tutorial, (slight spelling mistake on loading the splash stuff spalsh)

    I run Ubunt as the other OS on my Macbook…

    I also have used this theme to halp a Mac user migrate just a little more comfortably to Ubuntu. Visually This helps

    Could i just add, at one point, you ask the users to remove the gnome panel on the bottom of the page, for anyone who doesn’t known F12 is the right click key.

    I hope you don’t mind. i have added this as a howto on my webpage, and linked it back to you.

  5. Ho man I tried your gide for Ubuntu 8.4 but this is great for us that have the Intrepid. Really it works, Good job man.

  6. Almost perfect. Everything was fine up the the point of splashy. No matter how I try the command

    sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz

    returns the error “Missing arguments” no amount of alteration of the syntax makes any difference.

  7. Just got mailed a comment from a Garth on this topic

    sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz

    Doesn’t work, because the -i isn’t actually a minus edit the command line and delete -i and retype it..

  8. Thanks for this. Great tutorial. There only bit I came unstuck on was the splashy installation. It conflicted with Usplash and therefore would not install.

    Is it possible to use this osx splash theme on Usplash? I have no idea how to get into usplash but will search for the answer online.

    • The osx-splash is a theme for splashy. You won’t be able to use it for usplash. Moreover, there is some issue in Ubuntu Intrepid that prevent anyone to change the usplash image, unless you are willing to hack it and recompile the usplash theme.

  9. This is my first linux experience and so far Im loving it.This transformation pack is awesome and helped me forget all about my XP. Thanks man!

  10. Thank you! I’ve been using Ubuntu for a year now. Less than a week ago installed Ubuntu Intrepid 86_64 bit version. Was following your instruction and pretty impressed by the look of my box ).
    But one problem is still bugging me, cannot install global-menu. alien reports the architecture problem.
    Could you please help me?

  11. Great article. Love it. It’s been a year I totally moved on Linux but this is the first time I decided to try something like this, and, to be honest, impressed. Looks great. Thank you.

    But I cannot install global-menu. I’m using Ubuntu Intrepid 64 bit version. alien swears on architecture. Is it possible to get it work on my machine somehow? Google didn’t help me with this so far.

    And again, thank you for a great article!

      • Hi,
        Thanks for the tutorial so far. I have gotten most of everything up and running. However, I have one small glitch on this part of the instructions. I have installed the applet as given here (the 64 bit one) but it does not appear under the “Add to panel” list. How do I know if I have installed correctly and how can I get the applet to appear? Thanks.

      • Hi Damien

        I tried installing the global menu as u mentioned above but i get this error when i execute the sudo apt-get update command

        W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7D2C7A23BF810CD5
        W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems

        Is it becoz i’m using 64bit ubuntu? I’m using 9.04 beta edition right now

  12. Hi

    I like the idea of this tutorial but had problems from the start. I found Mac4Lin would not install unless the command was:

    sh Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh

    AWN installed, but will not run, so having got only 20% of the way through I am stuck.

    Pity, looked like a good idea.

    Also the uninstall commands list the wrong directory for the uninstall script.

    Will try it again when I have a decent computer running Ubuntu.



  13. The globalmenu for 64-bit is a buggy one. I have updated the tutorial to install the globalmenu from the Launchpad repository (for 64-bit machine). Please test it and let me know if it works.

  14. hey i followed your instructions to install the AWN dock. got all the way to where you run the app from accessories, but no-go. any ideas? i’m running a fresh install of ubuntu intrepid…

    • Does your computer supports Compiz? AWN needs a compositing manager to work. If you can run Compiz, you should be able to run AWN

  15. im new to this and im confused on one part.

    how do u log out and in again once u removed the log off toolbar?

    • You can log out via the Main Menu dropdown bar. Click on the Menu icon at the top left panel. You should see the logout button.

  16. Dude,

    I saw this article and i installed Ubuntu again, since i missed it and this is a great way of make your desktop look cool. But, i never worked with this terminal thing, when i type cd Mac4Lin_1.0_RC1
    Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh it says: ‘Bash .. blabla no such file”… what the hell dude, what do i do? I want this so much!

    • First, make sure you have extracted the Mac4Lin folder to your Home directory.

      Second, go to the Mac4Lin folder and make sure that the Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh file is there.

      If the above are correct, open up a new terminal and type

      cd Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1

      It should show something like username@username-desktop:~/Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1$



      If that doesn’t work, try putting a sh infront of the command, i.e

      sh Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh

      • Hi

        For the newbies, you need to run the Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh like this (without the quotes):



  17. I did the 64-bit installation and have tried various methods to get global menu.

    I did what you told Hodi to do and opened terminal,

    “gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

    Add these two lines to the end of the file.

    deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome2-globalmenu/ubuntu intrepid main
    deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome2-globalmenu/ubuntu intrepid main”

    I got his error message.

    Gtk message: Failed to load module “globalmenu-gnome”: libglobalmenu-gnome.so: cannot open shared object file or directory. Everything else works


    • @Sebastian: I just found out that the PPA repository on the Globalmenu site is empty. I have updated the post for 64bit machine. Check out the tutorial again and tell me if it works.

      You have to “gksu gedit /etc/apt/sources.list” again to remove the two lines that you have added.

  18. hi, i have the problem with

    sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz

    i’ve downloaded the osx-splash.tar.gz file to my home folder

    after i typed sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz in my terminal, the result is

    >Install themetar: This does not look like a tar archive
    tar: Skipping to next header
    tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
    [ FAIL ]
    An error occurred checking theme
    [ FAIL ]
    This format is invalid
    could u plz help me out from this problem? thanks in advance.

  19. having an issue with global menu applet–in fact, the global menu project seems a bit haphazard as i was looking at it last night and the directory to dl was empty and the install instructions are not so user friendly. however, several hours ago, they just updated to a 7.2. no biggie, dl’d it, installed it, but not showing up in add to panel or add/remove. checked dependencies etc. i’m on a 32 bit notebook, would it be worth using the 64 bit edit and getting the gtk module?

    • Globlmenu 0.7.2 is not working well at the moment. You can still get the 0.7.1 here.

      I will continue to test with 0.7.2 and will update again once I get it working.

  20. Hi

    my dock’s not showing even after i run the Avant Window Navigator… any idea how that happens? now if i delete my panel then i’m stuck with nothing underneath TT…

    thx for the reply :D…

  21. Hi,

    I just installed a fresh Ubuntu 8.1 (32bits) on my laptop and followed the steps above. All works great except I cannot get the global menu to work.

    From http://code.google.com/p/gnome2-globalmenu/downloads/list I could not find gnome-globalmenu-0.7.1-1.fc10.i386.rpm so I downloaded the latest gnome-globalmenu-0.7.2-1.fc10.src.rpm for use. I am able to use alien to convert the rpm file to deb and install the package. The installation window says “Installation finished” but I see the following when I expand the terminal detail on the window:

    (Reading database … 119207 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to replace gnome-globalmenu 0.7.2-2 (using …/gnome-globalmenu_0.7.2-2_i386.deb) …
    Unpacking replacement gnome-globalmenu …
    Setting up gnome-globalmenu (0.7.2-2) …

    I do not see any global-menu in the add panel list. Please advise what can I do to get the menu working.


  22. Sounds good but how do I remove the newer version? I look into the package manager and could not find it..

    Please help. Thank you!

  23. i am have trouble getting the avn dock to work im using vm fusion2 to boot the linux i checked its right one and for some reason it wont let me put anything in my home so i just put in in the only user i have and then it goes in. also when i try the code in terminal it cant find it or says bad file name and when i try to start avn dock it flashes for a second in the uper left hand conner and doesnt load. any help would be appreciated

    thank you

  24. Hi! I want to ask something: Why isn’t the Startup Manager getting themed. It seems to only have the window caption and border themed, but not the buttons and other controls. Anyway, this is the reason I removed Intrepid from my HD, in favor of Windows 7. Thanks!

  25. i cant install the global menu i tried the 32 bit way and i couldnt install it in the rpm format, in installed in a tar.gz format, also wen i tried the 64-bit way terminal said that ther was no such file after i typed sudo apt-get install gnome2-globalmenu, and i did do sudo apt-get update plz help

      • I received an error:

        Install these packages without verification [y/N]? y
        (Reading database … 107669 files and directories currently installed.)
        Unpacking gnome2-globalmenu (from …/gnome2-globalmenu_0.6.1678-0ubuntu2_i386.deb) …
        dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/gnome2-globalmenu_0.6.1678-0ubuntu2_i386.deb (–unpack):
        trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libgnomenu.so.0.0.0′, which is also in package gnome2-globalmenu-applet
        Errors were encountered while processing:
        E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

  26. I tried installing via 32 and 64 bit ways and no error occurred. However, when I try to add to panel, I can’t find the global menu in the choices. You have any idea what’s going on in my setup? Thanks.

    • Did you install the globalmenu Make sure that you are not installing the latest 0.7.2 version. Also, you won’t be able to use both methods (32 and 64-bit) to install.

      If you are using 32-bit machine, use the 32-bit machine way with version

      If you are using 64-bit machine, use the repository way.

  27. hey thanks I back read the comments and found the answer there. Had a hard time though because I installed an older version from source and had problems in uninstalling it. I just finished installing now using the version and it’s working now. thanks!

  28. i have done most of what you said but the Avant will not load, but that aside i removed my pannel like you said, now how do i get it back the way it was?

  29. After installing Mac4Lin etc on either the desktop or the home folder and typing:
    cd Mac4Lin_1.0_RC1

    what I get is: ~$ cd Mac4Lin_1.0_RC1
    bash: cd: Mac4Lin_1.0_RC1: No such file or directory
    XXXXX :~$ Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh

    Pity but won’t be getting the great looking desktop


  30. Hi,
    Please can you tell me a way to turn my Windows XP SP2 into a Mac! That would be really very helpful and welcome treat for me.


  31. two things:

    1. just to let you know, this tutorial also works in Fedora 10 (gnome)

    2. I couldn’t figure out how to change the login screen. Help is appreciated? (keep in mind that I’m using Fedora 10. I’m not sure if that’s relevant, but it could be)

  32. i did what you told me to do then this happened
    E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run ‘dpkg –configure -a’ to correct the problem.

    • Are you using a 32-bit or 64-bit machine? I would advise you to remove all the globalmenu related files that you have installed previously before you attempt again the method for your machine.

      To remove the files, you can type the following command in your terminal:

      sudo apt-get autoremove gnome2-globalmenu
      sudo apt-get autoremove gnome-globalmenu

  33. i cant change the log in screen either nor can i install splashy. i get errors while installing splashy. please help.

    • Me too.

      When I type “sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz” I get the error:

      Splashy ERROR: Cannot read XML File <>. Exiting…
      Splashy ERROR: Error occured while starting Splashy
      Make sure that you can read Splashy’s configuration file

      Everything else worked soooo fine.

  34. Hi,

    The code above worked out excellent, apart from the very end.
    I tried installing splashy but when i type “sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz” I get the following error:

    Splashy ERROR: Cannot read XML File <>. Exiting…
    Splashy ERROR: Error occured while starting Splashy
    Make sure that you can read Splashy’s configuration file

    Everything else looks so good.

    • Download the osx-splash.tar.gz file and try again. The file could be corrupted while you were downloading.

  35. hi,
    i have downloaded the file recommended to me for my XP SP2 but after doing the necessary according to the instructions nothing has changed, no looks nothing.As instructed i have done the configuration in safe mode but to no help. Alas!!!!
    please tell me what is to be done!!!!

  36. Hello,

    Work good till I get the following message :

    abc@xyz:~$ sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz
    [sudo] password for olivier:
    Arguments manquants (= missing arguments in english)
    utilisation: splashy_config [option] arg
    [-h, –help][-s, –set-theme THÈME][-i, –install-theme THÈME.tar.gz]
    [-r, –remove-theme THÈME][–info][-c, –create-theme [args…]]
    [-g, –get-key XPATH]
    Voir –help pour plus d’informations

    Help me please !

    Thanks you

    • Hey Tks Damien,

      You where right, after many tries i finally figured out the problem.
      Working now and so is the whole thing.
      So tks to you i now have a really cool Intrepid desktop.

      Great tutorial !

  37. For those who are having problem with the splashy, instead of copying the command sudo splashy_config -i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz from here, type it in the terminal manually. WordPress decipher the dash in the “-i” differently from the terminal.

    The rest should work.

  38. this is what i looking for, thanks for the great and comprehensive tutorial. now i can make my intrepid desktop much nicer

  39. I’m having big problems with the global menu panel applet. I followed your instructions but when I try to place it in the top panel It gives me an error(translated from finnish):”The panel had problems loading application “OAFIID:GlobalMenu_PanelApplet” do you want to remove it from desktop?”
    What’s going on?

    I’m new to linux so I’ve got no idea what’s going on…


  40. Hello Damien,

    I’ve done your excellent “Turn Your Ubuntu Intrepid Into Mac OSX Leopard” as prescribed and it’s working like a beauty.

    Having heard elogiously about Cairo-dock, I would like to try it out and compare.

    Can I just shoot ahead or should I do an uninstallation first ?


  41. Hello Damien,

    Everything went perfect untill i came to the “AWN Dock” part. Im following ur instructions: Applications-Accessories-Avant Window Manager but nothing happend. It simply wont activate AWN and yes, i have removed bottom panel before i tried that. Is there anything i should know about it? Any1 else with this problem?

  42. Brilliant work. I didnt get it all finished last night but will finish rest tonight but the guide works and is easy to follow.

    Now, is there any possibility of someone doing the same with an XP look/feel for Ubuntu?

    With a Mac and an XP “theme” it really makes it very plausible to convert people to Ubuntu from those 2 OSs.

    I’m very tempted to stay with Ubuntu now it looks and acts a little more familiar!

  43. Hi Damien,
    brilliant work. Maybe you can help me:
    i think my 2 windows manager are not compatible, in my startup session menu i have gnome-wm and xcompmgr
    If i enable both at startup everything works but not the dock. If i disable gnome one the dock works but then i have problems with the windows. what do you think i should do?
    thanks again, Lorenzo

  44. Excellent tutorial! Thanks for investing your time to do this. Everything worked flawlessly with the exception of the splash screen. When trying to run sudo splashy_config -i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz, I get the following message.

    Splashy ERROR: Cannot read XML File <>. Exiting…
    Splashy ERROR: Error occured while starting Splashy
    Make sure that you can read Splashy’s configuration file

    Any ideas?

    • i got d same reply sergio posted.Every step worked flawlessly till i got to the part where i had configure my usplash screen after downloading the theme.
      I.E ;
      Download the osx-splash splashy theme file to your Home folder.

      In your terminal,

      sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz
      sudo mv /etc/splashy/config.xml /etc/splashy/config.xml.old
      sudo cp /etc/splashy/themes/osx-splash/config.xml /etc/splashy/config.xml

      Also got errors when trying to Append the term vga=792 to the end of the kernel line “gksu gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst”

      I’m guessing its cuz i installed Intrepid through wubi but will be happy if there’s a work around for this Damien.
      Thanks Alot.

  45. My AWN dock is not loading at all, it worked when installed the first time but when I reboot my computer it did not load and it does not load even manually/

    • Yeah, this is what happened to me. and if i disalble the gnome window manager the dock comes back but the windows don’t work properly

    • I have tested it out and it works fine. I will continue to test and get back to you once I got the solution. Meanwhile, you can follow the instruction to install Cairo dock instead. It is less demanding and have almost the same function as AWN.

      • Hi Damien,
        I know now where I went wrong, I wrongly installed the alternative window manager: sudo apt-get install xcompmgr without needing it. That conflicted with compiz/gnome window manager causing problem to the dock.
        Now everything is fine!
        Thanks again, Lorenzo

  46. One Question…WHY?

    One thing I love about Linux is that I can customize the Desktop however I want to. If I wanted to look like Vista I would have kept my Vista Ultimate installed, if I want to look Like Mac, I would fork over $2000 or more to have a limited OS. However I want my Desktop to look a little more original and A LOT less like MAC or Windows.

    BE ORIGINAL… This is a great tutorial and I will give props to the author for taking his/her time ( I know both males and females named Damien) to put together a step-by-step Tut, but Linux can look how you want it to as well as perform only as you need it to. The only limitation is truly the End-Users competence. Take advantage of the freedom and be creative and original. Just my Two Cents.

    • Well part of the freedom is, the look can mimic almost everything. That’s what I like at Linux.

  47. I made a fast Intrepid OS X Usplash theme. It’s the OS X gray screen with the darker gray apple that came with the osx-splash download above. It has a matching darker gray loading bar throbber vs. the “official” OS X circular throbber and it’s been compiled with Intrepid so will work with the latest distro.

    Download to your Desktop and either use StartUp-Manager to first add it and then choose it or use the following manual method:

    cd ~/Desktop
    sudo cp usplash-theme-osx.so /usr/lib/usplash
    sudo rm /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so
    sudo ln -s /usr/lib/usplash/usplash-theme-osx.so /etc/alternatives/usplash-artwork.so
    sudo update-initramfs -u
    sudo update-grub

    If I get off my lazy behind, I’ll gimp a proper OS X circular throbber animation, recompile it and post it.

    Disclaimer… download and use at own risk, etc., etc.

  48. An excellent guide for a rookie! (like me!)

    Only problem is that global-menu didn’t act as it should after installation, so I uninstall it.
    I happened to see that there is a newer version than gnome-globalmenu-0.7.1-1.fc10…. which is mentioned. Link for your reference: http://gnome2-globalmenu.googlecode.com/files/gnome-globalmenu-0.7.2-1.fc10.src.rpm.

    I will have to check if this can support 64bit (since there is no ‘i386’ in its file name!).

    Just for anyone who might wonna try this: I have tested it in Ubuntu 8.10 (installed through wubi).
    *Language: Greek
    *Splash screen/boot screen: Cannot load (probably because of Wubi!)
    *Problem with global-menu

    Everything else worked smoothly and without any problem! :)

    Thnx, Damien! U rock! :D

  49. thank you very helpful, I hope this becomes part of a long history of socialization opensource free and hopefully valuable knowledge you worship the gods.

    makassar indonesia

  50. rafael@rafael-bart:~$ sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz
    Missing arguments
    usage: splashy_config [option] arg
    [-h, –help][-s, –set-theme THEME][-i, –install-theme THEME.tar.gz]
    [-r, –remove-theme THEME][–info][-c, –create-theme [args…]]
    [-g, –get-key XPATH]
    See –help for more information

    any ideas ?

  51. Ok, Installed this, pretty cool, but I decide to unistall it because was causing problems and I did, but now I got this problem Some apps like synaptic package manager has a bar where there is |File Edit Options|, after i install this thing “Mac4Lin” They disappear, also with pidgin too. i unistall the “mac4Lin” and still doesn’t show up, Also the themes doesn’t work propertly, I put Human, suppose to be Orange! Well its Blue Window Top bar and Black, any theme I put it have the same and I change the colors and the same, its must be something that “mac4Lin” do. Please Damien help, or anyone who knows what might be the problem itself and a possible solution.



    • Mac4Lin don’t change/move your menu bar. The only thing that change the menubar is the globalmenu. You can uninstall it with the command:

      sudo apt-get autoremove gnome-globalmenu

      log out and log in again.

      • Thanks, for the fast response! :D But I already unistall all Mac4Lin stuff, still GTK says every time I use “apt-get install” or “apt-get autoremove” and when I install a software using Terminal, or any Update Gtk says: that doesn’t found “gnome-globalmenu”, is not a probem, doesn’t disturb anything but its there.

        I resolve the problem, reinstalling the “filesystem” files using the Ubuntu 8.10 (intrepid-ibex) cd.

        And everything was back to normal, except that I didn’t have to format the Whole partition, just filesystem (/,usr,boot,etc)

        Thanks for this nice TuT, but I prefer to stay with the Ubuntu-default acommunity support ones.
        Still is gret to be part of this feed, so you can show us (noobs) how to us Linux.

  52. Just for the record, I have tested the gnome-globalmenu-0.7.2-1.fc10.src.rpm
    in 64bit and worked like a charm!

    So, in case of a problem, you may want to try this version.
    Problem that I had with gnome-globalmenu-0.7.1-1.fc10 is that after the installation, I right-clicked it and it wasn’t displaying the applet preferences (actually, it didn’t display a thing!)

    Since I am noob, I unistalled the global menu through synaptic manager and I somehow managed to blow it (!), because after the uninstall, I had various error messages and I couldn’t open the Synaptic Manager in GUI or in terminal (execute installs/uninstalls).
    A boot in the recovery mode and a fix of everything (!!!) worked around for my case, along with deleting the .gnomerc file and changing the sources.list file.

    Think that if Damien has posted this command a little bit earlier, it could help me a lot, but the bright side is that I solved this prob alone, even if the solution might not be the correct one!

  53. Are there any updated needed to this guide then or not? I certainly recall not everything worked properly towards the end.. and the Menu bar doesn’t look that great. If memory serves the Grub changes were not properly documented but I could wing it sufficiently.

    Is there any way this could all be packaged into one install so we could install it in one go…. ???

  54. May be i give it a try to that global-menu, thanks.

    well there is a Mac4Lin Package, Just do everything else.

    lazy boy lol

  55. sudo splashy_config –i –install-theme ~/osx-splash.tar.gz

    I think this is the correct line the one above didn’t work… needed the –install-theme.

    This is the cleanest and most accurate work I have ever seen. Thanks for making this a no brainer.

    • -i and –install-theme are referring to the same thing. You just enter either one will do. WordPress show the ‘-‘ differently from what the terminal interprets, so if you copy and paste ‘-i’ from this post, you will get an error. If you type manually, the installation will go fine.

  56. Please help!
    Global menu doesn’t work – “Global Menu Panel Applet” option doesn’t appear. Everything was done as described in the article.

    • Did you manage to install it in the first place? Which version of Global menu did u install? The version 0.7.2 is not found to be working (yet). You have to use the version 0.7.1. The download link can be found in the article.

  57. Works well sort of. My fonts are a little messed up. Hard to describe but in many applications the fonts in the window look like they have been severely smudged or blurred. They are illegible.
    Any ideas?


      • No, I am using a dual screen lcd panels. I had installed nvidia drivers 96***** as these are needed to get my dual screens to play nice in ubuntu. All was well until I installed the mac4lin and then the fonts went strange – the effect is intermittent and when they are “smudged” they are completely illegible.

    • Hi

      Yes, I had exactly the same problem and couldn’t get rid of it by reversing the process and going back to the original look.

      Uninstalling the nVidia driver DID fix the problem however but of course I’m now running without the “best” driver.

      Did you also experience any problems with “effects”. Even before I installed the MAC look I had to turn effects off otherwise I got problems with some fonts (e.g. in menus in Open Office) not appearing at all!

      I would love a proper fix for this. I have searched quite hard in Google for “smudged fonts” and all variations I could think of but without much luck. One chap had some screenshots of exactly our problem but no soloution.


      • Chris’s story is exactly the same as mine. I couldn’t reverse the effect. I ended up having to do a complete reinstall of ubuntu. It is something to do with Nvidia. I also went to a “lower” driver and things were fine – sort of – resolution was down and I lost dual monitor support.

  58. Somebody knows how to add this or give me an example how to add this into my environment into the /.bashrc?

    export DEVKITPRO=/path/to/devkitpro # replace this by your actual path

    After all this is Make Tech Easy, well someone who knows or give me an example…

    Please and Thanks,


  59. Um… I did know that, what I don’t know is what to put in path and were to put Devkitpro. How to put the depkotpro in the path.

    Sorry for not explaining my question better. Also sorry for taking this spot to discuss this, you don’t have some sort of forum around we can discuss this?


  60. I have a couple problems. it seems that the gnome2-globalmenu is now gnome-globalmenu. So i installled it. When i right click on it to enable it, my preferences are blank. Does anyone have a copy of an older version that worked? Also, there are no 64bit packages for libsplashy and splashy. Thanks.

  61. gnome2-globalmenu is the package when you install via the repository. gnome-globalmenu is the package when you install via deb.

    Which version of globalmenu are you installing now?

    • Well, I was trying to say that the name of package has changed in the repository to gnome-globalmenu, as apt-get install gnome2-globalmenu fails. The version I grabbed was 0.7.3~svn2243~intrepid2.

    • Damien: any chance you have an older version in /var/cache/apt/archives/ directory? Either that or we’ll have to wait for the devs to fix it.

      • I just check out the globalmenu 0.7.3. The package they listed for download is the source code, which mean you have to first compile it before you can use it. If you just install it as the method above, it is not going to work.

        You can download version 0.7.1 from the link on my article and follow the steps listed in the article to install. It should work.

        Until I have tested out the latest version and find a way to get it working, this is the only method that I found worked.

    • I got “Couldn’t find package gnome2-globalmenu” when I followed this step:
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install gnome2-globalmenu

      I tried “sudo apt-get install gnome-globalmenu” instead, which installed, but I am not sure how to enable it (I get an error message saying it isn’t enabled and to “enable the plugin from the preferences dialog in the right-click menu”). I’m sure it’s simple to do, but it’s my first day using Ubuntu (or Linux for that matter).

  62. I can not download Mac4lin theme, every time I clip it, it just show me that it’s a php file, is this the correct one coz I can not open that php file, anyone help, pls

  63. I cannot use the global menu, so i’ve deleted it. is there a way to revert the settings so that the menu bar appears in the individual applications again?

  64. Hi Damien
    about the dock, at first I installed avant-win-navig, it worked
    but after I logout and restart,it doesn’t appear anymore.
    Altough I followed your tutorial and I made it in the startup session just like this tutorial has explained.
    I try to start it with normal method Application -> Accessories -> Avant Window Manager, but nothing happened. I try to run it from terminal, it said:

    xxxxx@xxxxx-laptop:~$ avant-window-navigator
    Error: Screen isn’t composited. Please run compiz (-fusion) or another compositing manager.

    and if I try to run xcompmgr, it said that there is another composite manager is already running
    xxxxxx@lxxxxxx-laptop:~$ xcompmgr
    Another composite manager is already running

    Could you tell me what’s wrong? or is it just my computer resources isn’t enough to run the dock?
    or should I just use Cairo Dock ??

    Thank you

    • It could be due to the conflict between metacity and compiz, nothing to do with AWN. You might want to turn off the metacity compositing manager with the following command:

      gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager false

      Start Compiz and AWN after that and see if it works.

  65. bash: cd: Mac4Lin_1.0_RC1: No such file or directory

    I got this error… anyone know how to fit it?
    I did exactly extract the Mac4Lin file to home folder and also create .fonts folder and .emerla folder

  66. sir,I cannot change the gnome main menu’s icon to an apple icon.

    i use the sh Mac4Lin_Install*.sh, however it didn’t change the main menu icon and the icon still remain the gnome’s.

    How can i fix it?

    thx a lot!

  67. how can i completely change this back to normal, like the close minimize resize things back on the right side and any other things that may have been changed from this process.

    • You can run the Mac4Lin uninstall script to return everything to normal. Read the article again for uninstallation instruction

  68. when i try to run the commands after i install splashy i get this for the first one:
    stacie@stacie-laptop:~$ sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz
    Splashy ERROR: Cannot read XML File <>. Exiting…
    Splashy ERROR: Error occured while starting Splashy
    Make sure that you can read Splashy’s configuration file
    any help would be great awsome setup has me excited props to you!!!

    • type out the command manually instead of copy/paste from this site. WordPress display the ‘-‘ differently from the terminal.

      • typed in manually got this error
        stacie@stacie-laptop:~$ sudo splashy_config –i -/osx-splash.tar.gz
        Splashy ERROR: Cannot read XML File <>. Exiting…
        Splashy ERROR: Error occured while starting Splashy
        Make sure that you can read Splashy’s configuration file

  69. Hey, good news on my end. the global menu wasn’t working so i just didn’t use it, i forgot about it but it was still installed on my system. A couple of days ago my computer had an update for the global menu. this update resolves all conflicts that i previously had.
    Great work on this, really cool. :)

  70. Why I can not type in terminal for installing???
    I’ve already download the Mac4Lin folder and put it on Mac_files folder.
    I always got this error, anybody know how can I solve this one, thz alot
    tutu@ubuntu:~$ cd Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1
    bash: cd: Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1: No such file or directory
    tutu@ubuntu:~$ cd
    tutu@ubuntu:~$ cd Mac4Lin_V1.0_RC1
    bash: cd: Mac4Lin_V1.0_RC1: No such file or directory
    tutu@ubuntu:~$ cd Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1
    bash: cd: Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1: No such file or directory


    • Probably because you haven’t saved the Mac4Lin folder in your home folder, but instead you created another folder named “Mac_files”…

      If you created Mac_files folder in your home folder, then type in terminal:

      $cd Mac_files/Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1
      $sh Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh

      Otherwise, you will have to find the path, where you saved the Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 folder, get inside the folder and then execute the .sh file of installation.

      Hope that helps!

      • Hi Crimon, thz alot.. yeah.. I did created a file and named it Mac_files, seem it’s my fault.
        I install everything manually so now.. everything looks like fine.
        thz for your help.

    • @tutu
      Are you sure that Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 is relative to your cuurent directory? Try cd Mac(Tab KEY) if after tapping the key does not complete the directory name you probably need to move to the parent directory of Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1.

      Example: If you saved Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 to your Desktop, try: cd /home/(tutu)/Desktop/Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 or use the pwd (present working directory)command to find which directory you are in.

      The key is essential and also a great time saver. Essential in preventing typos, and a time saver from eliminating keystrokes.

      I hope this helps ;0)

  71. @tutu

    I guess this site does not recognize certain characters so I will retype this so it is not sound broken..

    Are you sure that Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 is relative to your cuurent directory? Try cd Mac(Tab KEY) if after tapping the Tab key does not complete the directory name you probably need to move to the parent directory of Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1.

    Example: If you saved Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 to your Desktop, try: cd /home/username(tutu)/Desktop/Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 or use the pwd command(present working directory) to find which directory you are in.

    The TAB key is essential and also a great time saver. Essential in preventing typos, and a time saver from eliminating keystrokes.

    I hope this helps ;0)

  72. It seems this site does not allow certain characters so I will resubmit this entry due to some words being left out by greater than and less than carrats:

    Are you sure that Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 is relative to your cuurent directory? Try cd Mac(Tab KEY) if after tapping the TAB key does not complete the directory name you probably need to move to the parent directory of Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1.

    Example: If you saved Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 to your Desktop, try: cd /home/(username)tutu/Desktop/Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1 or use the pwd (present working directory)command to find which directory you are in.

    The TAB key is essential and also a great time saver. Essential in preventing typos, and a time saver from eliminating keystrokes.

    I hope this helps ;0)

  73. Thank for everybody help, now…I’ve a problem with Avant Window Navigator, it working correctly when I first installed and I did put it into auto start in session but the problem is
    when I login again, the AWN didn’t show up and when I clip on it, it didn’t work, bet.. I can run the AWN Manager… anybody know how to fit? thz again…

  74. Hello ! I have tested this theme and it rocks ^^ At the end, I tried to uninstall it in order to keep my first theme settings but I can’t :/

    I succeeded at the beginning of uninstall process but keep blocked here :

    sh Mac4Lin_Uninstall_v1.0_RC.sh

    It says command doest not exist … :/

    I tried in graphic mode by the start up manager but result is the same. Have you notice some reported / known bugs in the uninstall process ? Thanks for the help and keep up the good work ^^

    • The uninstallation script works perfectly for me.

      Perhaps you can look into the Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC folder and check if the Mac4Lin_Uninstall_v1.0_RC.sh file exists. It should exist, but just in case.

  75. Does not work.

    I get the following errors:

    Installing Mac4Lin Emerald Window Borders…
    tar: /home/rubing/.emerald/themes: Cannot chdir: No such file or directory
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    tar: /home/rubing/.emerald/themes: Cannot chdir: No such file or directory
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    tar: /home/rubing/.emerald/theme: Cannot chdir: No such file or directory
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

    • Try creating the directories “.theme” and “.themes” inside the “.emerald” directory.

  76. My Start Up Manager will not work any longer it starts then disappears.

    I was unable to install the splashy stuff and have no idea why.

    I would be happy just to get my start up manager working again any help would be appreciative.


  77. Great idea!
    It was working great for a while, but then ran into problems. Whenever I tried to log in, I’d see my wallpaper, but then everything crashes and I’d see colorful vertical lines instead. I got it to work by logging into my root account, and uninstalling everything from there. However, now the minimize, maximize, and close buttons are to the left instead of the right on all my programs. Not that it’s a big problem, just annoying. Any ideas why?

  78. I had trouble with the global menu download with it saying archive type not supported. Had trouble with widgets and couldn’t find icons in the file. Did I do something wrong and should I just start over or what?

  79. Had major problems with the main file. Not everything was there. This tutorial is pretty straight forward, so I figure I goofed along the way. Noticed a post earlier about a newer global menu download. Should I try it? Global menu was one of the problems as well as not everything being in the Mac4Lin RC1 folder. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  80. OK. Did a complete reinstall of Ubuntu and tried. The tutorial again with much more success. Cannot get Mac4Lin_Cursors to show up in Appearance. splashy 0.3.10-1 i386.deb would still not install. Downloaded 0.3.13.tar.gaz and it installed. At that point, everything else in the instructions wouldn’t work. Reboot doesn’t produce the login screen with an Apple logo. As you can see, I’m so so close. Also couldn’t get Desktop, File, Edit, View on right side of tool bar in lieu of Applications, Places, System. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  81. Thanks for the great tutorial Damien. Everything works fine on my system.

    I just followed the steps, except for the splashy installation. I downloaded/installed it from the repo since I couldn’t install those from the link because of some dependency problem.

  82. Damien,
    Great walk-through! Well done!
    I am wondering if you have tried the new Gnome Do with Docky? I have followed your instructions however, I have substituted Docky for the AWN dock as it is compatible with all graphics cards and does not need any kind of Compiz manager to run. You could offer this as an alternative for less powerful systems? I also use the new splash screens from “The Count” who left a comment here and gave a link to a new upsplash screen. You might want to use his input as well?

  83. I had a problem with the GRUB and splash screen installation. My x-server Ubuntu GUI crashed out and I re-installed 8.10 all over again :(

    But thanks for this tutorial. I installed again all EXCEPT the splash and GRUB theme :D

  84. You hit one out of the park with these instructions. I’m a dummy, and installed it without a glitch!!


  86. This is a great tutorial, Damien. My girlfriend is very into Macs and was struggling with my KDE setup. It looks almost identical to her OS X. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  87. I have had some frustrating experiences as an ubuntu newcomer, however this tutorial was very easy to follow. I love my new look. Thank you so much for doing this.

  88. Everything except GRUB went well, which is no big deal in my opinion. I’m wonder if there isn’t a list where folks who have installed the OSX changes can ask questions. This seems to only be a “sign the praises” of the author list. If such a list exists, please post it here.

    • Yeah.
      This is a great tutorial! I had the same issue as you Hozey…
      Term kept giving me a ‘Missing argument’ prompt after trying to initialise the GRUB settings….
      Any help would be greatly appreciated! I’m pretty sure all the necessary handles are there after looking @ Splashy’s MAN page…

  89. hi
    that is very well. thanks. but i have a question. global menu applet didnt work. how can i solve this problem

  90. Thank you so much you are just amazing! i did all the steps as you said and everything is working just fine. I LOVE IT!!! :D

  91. Thanks for a great tutorial. I’ve only got one problem. When I move a window around the desktop it has a wave like appearance and will sometimes not go where I want. Can this be corrected? Thanks again.

    • That seems like a Compiz issue. You can change the setting in the CompizConfig setting manager.

  92. Thanks for the tutorial. It works great!

    Only one thing, you didn’t mention how to use the mac sounds. In the pdf-manual of mac4lin there is a screenshot of an older Ubuntu.
    Can you help me setting the right sound event in Ubuntu Intrepid?

  93. i clear my panel and when i clicked on add to panel there was no Global Menu Panel Applet on my list…

  94. Get:3 http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid/main Packages [2869B]
    Fetched 49.9kB in 1s (42.8kB/s)
    Reading package lists… Done
    W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7889D725DA6DEEAA
    W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems
    vendking@vendking-desktop:~$ apt-get update
    E: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock – open (13 Permission denied)
    E: Unable to lock the list directory

    this problem appeared when i entered sudo apt-get update. what can i do??

  95. Damien: sabes si funciona con la nueva versión 9.04?

    Damien: you know is working on 9.04 version? (sorry but my english is poor)

    • I have updated my Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 and nothing have crashed but kept working. So I believe it would work on “fresh_installed” Ubuntu 9.04.

  96. Great Job!
    I guess you can write an article about turn ubuntu jaunty into Mac OSX now :P
    I am looking forward to it!

  97. hi i tried uninstalling the theme but am unable to. didnt do all other changes just had installed the theme. the terminal says

    sh: Can’t open Mac4Lin_Uninstall_v1.0_RC.sh

    in appearances i can change the themes so no problem but i keep getting the close-minimize-maximize buttons on left upper corner and not right upped after changing my theme to default. how can can i revert that back too??

    oh yeah and i upgrade to jaunty after installing. i dont know if that had to do something with it

  98. Hey, I am having trouble installing gnome globalmenu. I downloaded the file but the commmands do not work and say that the file cannot be found. I installed alien and the .rpm file is in the home directory.
    any suggestions?

    • I had a problem like this Pete, maybe I can help, are you running a 32 or 62 bit version??

  99. I put the leopard osx skin/theme/thing onto ubuntu 9.04, except for the part with the usplash and GRUB screens, and for some reason whenever I log in, instead of displaying the ubuntu jaunty default login screen I get this error message: “Can’t open file /usr/share/gd/themes/Mac4Lin_GDM_v1.0_RC/Mac4Lin_GDM_v1.0_RC.xml” and when i click continue or w/e, i get this ugly login screen with a sunflower n stuff. does anyone know how to return to the default screen? plz im a linux noob.

    • Check to be sure you have only one login screen checked. I had the same problem and discovered the sunflower was checked.

      Has anyone figured out how to get usplash to work?

  100. The same thing happened to me, I just logged out and then back in again and it worked fine.

  101. For the dock, i use Cairo-Dock(2.0) it looks far better then AWN. ^_^
    Everything has worked on Jaunty. Am i allowed to load a screen shot?

  102. Great Post!!! I wanted to install the Mac on my Intel system since a while… I could get Mac on top of my Ubuntu easily with above steps. I am really happy!!!

    One issue i faced, with Ubuntu 9.0.4 is Preference > Session has been renamed to “Startup Applications”.


  103. Hey that’s indeed a great post!!!

    I wanted to install Mac on my desktop since a while, unfortunately I could not. Today I had to migrate to Ubuntu & I got Mac on top of new ubuntu with above steps very easily. I am happy!!!

    One thing to add, is Preferences > Session has been renamed to “Startup Application”.


  104. as for the others; splasy problem on 9.04 :

    sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz

    Missing arguments
    usage: splashy_config [option] arg
    [-h, –help][-s, –set-theme THEME][-i, –install-theme THEME.tar.gz]
    [-r, –remove-theme THEME][–info][-c, –create-theme [args…]]
    [-g, –get-key XPATH]
    See –help for more information

    Otherwise great job!

  105. Awesome. Great work. Only one question. How do you bring up the widgets? I have them installed, but to make them pop up?

  106. Great job. Same problem as everyone else on the last step on Ubutu 9.04

    sudo splashy_config –i ~/osx-splash.tar.gz

    Otherwise works great. Can’t figure out if there’s another way to get the screenlets to come up other than F9. It’ll be nice if they would show as a screensaver.

  107. Hi all,

    Thanks for the tutorial, everything works except the GRUB splash. Also when I activate the global menu why all shortcuts/accelerators don’t work at all ?

  108. hi everybody.

    this is a nice theme but I want to uninstall it. how do I do that? can you help me?


  109. I have a problem installing gnome global desktop.

    when i type in sudo apt-get update into the terminal

    I get
    W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn’t be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7D2C7A23BF810CD5

    And a source duplication error.

    What am i doing wrong?

  110. I got the same thing about splashy too :( Hope Someone can help me.

    By the way, I’m using Ubuntu 9.04(jaunty jakalope).

    Hope Damien will re-write for the jaunty 9.04 too

    One more thing, the System > Preferences > (Session) has been changed to Startup Applications in Ubuntu 9.04

  111. just tried this for Jaunty … works fine except for the splashy part — when trying to install the splashy package, I get an error

    ‘trying to overwrite `/etc/lsb-base-logging.sh’, which is also in package lsb-base’

    Any ideas?


  112. after uninstall my window controls are not back how they were.
    i.e. max-mine on left of window instead of right.
    changing theme dosn’t sort it out. how do I correct this ?’

    • Go to “Applications -> System Tools -> Configuration Editor” or using the “run program” action or a terminal, start gconf by typing: “gconf-editor” (without quote) and hitting enter. This program is a bit like the registry editor for windows.
      – In the tree on the left you need to go to “/apps/metacity/general/”. There is then a key in the right pane called “button_layout“.
      – edit this key so that it reads: “menu:minimize,maximize,close” to “close,minimize,maximize:menu” or “close,maximize,minimize:menu“.

  113. i need some help. i cannot uninstall the Mac4Lin theme. It say it can’t open the Mac4Lin_Uninstall_v1.0_RC.sh. how can I make the uninstall.
    sorry for the english, it’s not my language ;)

  114. I’m very happy to announce that Mac4Lin has been declared as one of the finalists at Sourceforge.net Community Awards 2009 in the Best Visual Design category. The final phase of voting began today and will run till July 20th 2009. Please vote for Mac4Lin, if you feel it deserves to be voted. To vote click on this image:


    Optionally, you can also click on the first box in the right frame on my blog (http://phoenix-ani.blogspot.com). You do not need to Sourceforge.net login id. All you need is a valid email id. Each vote is associated with an email id, which needs confirmation that you actually voted (you will get an email giving a confirmation link, so all you need to do is click it). The whole voting process takes just 3 clicks.

    I urge patrons to vote for Mac4Lin if they feel it should win. Mac4Lin is completing with projects like Xbox Media Center (XBMC) etc. I once again thank everyone for their continued support, feedback and appreciation. Mac4Lin exists today because of you all :) Do spread the word around about this.

  115. I’m a total Linux n00b, so bear with me. I have run into problems from the get go.

    I downloaded and installed Ubuntu-8.10-desktop-AMD64 and then updated all the files it said to update, about 304.

    I tried to prepare the installation path but I couldn’t even figure out how to do a ctrl-H in my home directory to show the hidden files/folders. So I went into terminal and created them manually, with the mkdir command.

    I then extracted Mac4Lin_v1.0, and tried to:

    cd Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1
    sh Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh

    but I don’t have such a directory, I do have a Mac4Lin_v1.0 directory though (without the _RC1)

    So I ran that instead. and it showed some promise (Installing Mac4Lin UI… Done!, Installing Mac4Lin Icons… Done!, Installing Mac4Lin Cursors… Done!) but then dispayed: Installing Mac4Lin Emerald Window Borders… [: 62: missing ] Done!

    Hmmm, not sure if that was a good or bad thing. Then it asks if I want to enable Metacity Compositor? If you are unsure about this or use Compiz, type ‘n’. So I am unsure so I type ‘n’.

    I say yes to Installing MacLin misc components, and finally get through this portion and there is no Mac OS X desktop. So I logout and log back in and still nothing.

    I’m sure I must’ve done something wrong, because things did not go as described in the instructions from the beginning. Am I using the wrong files? I downloaded everything from the links above?! Help please!

  116. OK, I downloaded version 9.04 and I have gotten a lot further. Figured out how to show hidden files, duh. Got a lot working but ran into a couple of problem areas.

    First, I can’t add the Global Menu Panel Applet to the upper left menu bar since it isn’t listed as an option to add. Where to find? So I skipped that for now, had to add the Main Menu icon so I could get to apps, system, etc

    Next I ran into a problem when downloading and installing:

    libsplashy displayed a message saying a later version was available on the software channel
    and then
    splashy had the same message and also failed to install

    Any help is appreciated!

  117. I am using Ubuntu 9.04. I have tried to add the global menu applet using the old instructions first, and then from these; neither wants to work, and the new deb installer can’t get past a part of the previous installation which it is trying to overwrite. How can I uninstall both and start over? YES I am a total noob in Linux…


  118. This is totally awesome. Everything works for me except two problems. Most important, I cannot get the Appearance Preferences to accept Extra. Thing is, before I did this theme install, all the extras were working fine, and managed through Compiz. Now I get no fancy effects and cant figure out how to make that work again. Second, and way less important. For some reason I get a picture of a Penguin with a splash t-shirt instead of the splash we want. Anyway, really would appreciate help with problem #1.

  119. Hi, you need to use splashy as root, so this is the correct way:

    sudo su
    splashy_config –i /home/YOUR_USERNAME/osx-splash.tar.gz
    mv /etc/splashy/config.xml /etc/splashy/config.xml.old
    cp /etc/splashy/themes/osx-splash/config.xml /etc/splashy/config.xml

    Remember to make the changes in Administration – StartupManager


  120. thank you for your tutorial . i followed your tutorial and change my ubuntu to look like leopard , but i am have a problem after this , i try to update using update manager but the following screen probe up
    Failed to run /usr/sbin/synaptic ‘–hide-main-window’ ‘–non-interactive’ ‘–parent-window-id’ ‘67108910’ ‘–update-at-startup’ as user root.

    Unable to copy the user’s Xauthorization file.
    what does this mean and how to solve this problem ?


  121. how do you leave the ‘traffic light’ buttons (minimize, maximize & close) on the right instead of the left?

  122. You’re giving Linux a bad name, for the false claims made on this page – the AWN dock is not even half a simulation of Apple’s OSx launch pad, dock, whatever, as anyone who ever experienced that, or a valid imitation knows. THIS IS NOT AN AD – my dad has a valid imitation of an OSX launch pad toolbar, which has been running fine for years in Windows (a non-geek of 70 got it up and running). DreamLinux is a Linux distro with the exact same effects.

    Besides the OSX effects not consisting of a dock so unstable that it crashes every time you maximize a window, the fundamental insult of the AWN claim is that OSX does NOT
    B U C
    O N E your icons all over the screen, effectively giving you the most annoying game of whack-a-mole any system interface tool every put up, and all the headaches which go with it. The desired effect is to ENLARGE each icon, as the mouse pointer moves over it (and stop enlarging that one as it enlarges the next one which the pointer moves to). Besides looking really cool, the point is to reduce the stress and precision required when accessing one’s programs and utilities, not add to the same. Lucy jerks the ball away from Charlie Brown, and Ubuntu developers respect their users no more.

    The fact that it’s been done before, and by non-profit individuals and organizations really begs the question of why anybody who wants to produce an OSx-like product for Ubuntu had to go and change it so much, and so much for the worse, instead of giving the Ubuntu users that which made the OSx so useful. What I suspect is that it has something to do with with the Ubuntu policies which left me to go scrounge for half of the media codecs which I and most users find useful, just because they don’t meet some official’s standards for open-source. If so, it’s just absolutely tragic, and I don’t know how much longer I can hang around, watching those quibbling nerds shoot themselves and the rest of us in the foot.

  123. On the other hand, the applets for AWN are really nice – but, please, do away with that annoying bounce, and make AWN do what people like in the OSx system!

  124. Hi!

    I have a problem on Ubuntu 8.10.

    After i copy the deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/globalmenu-team/ubuntu intrepid main line in the sources.list, and i type sudo apt-get update in the terminal, it writes the following lines:

    W: GPG failure: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: the following signatures are not correct because the public key cant be reached: NO_PUBKEY 7889D725DA6DEEAA

    sorry for the translation, i translated it from hungarian language.

    and if i type in sudo apt-get install gnome2-globalmenu, then it says:
    E: cant find the following package

    what can i do in this case?

    thank you!

    • The GPG error is just because you have not installed the GPG key for the repository..

      The reason it does not work is because they haven’t made a working package for Ubuntu 8.10 yet.. So you will have to wait until it has been made..

  125. Aye. I noticed in the second picture, where Applications, Places, and System should be, it says what a real Mac should say. I didn’t catch that in the guide? Is that only for a Mac, or did I just miss it? I look through the guide again, and didn’t see it. Help would be great. Thanks.

  126. Initially the dock bar using awn came … but when i restarted the system there is no dock-bar.. everything else is fine…

    can someone sort it out..

  127. I was just looking for just one Mac OS X feature I wanted on my ubuntu, the “Exposé for all windows”, default to F9 key: http://guides.macrumors.com/Expos%C3%A9

    This seems like a very nice guide, too bad it ain’t automated or else I’d try it. Anyway, I found it out by myself and so I just wanted to say you forgot to mention “Scale windows” on Compiz, that does exactly that: Expose on Ubuntu. ;)

  128. Tried this with Debian. Mostly worked, but had trouble with gnome-globalmenu. It would only show the menu that either says “Desktop” or the title of the program, but not the rest of the menu. Also, while some programs were really beautiful, others (such as synaptic) had the old, blocky default GTK theme, which is absolutely ugly and Windows 95-like.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

  129. probably with the command:
    sudo apt-get remove avant-window-navigator

    or sudo apt-get remove –purge avant-window-navigator (remove packages and config files too)

  130. probably with the following command:

    sudo apt-get remove avant-window-navigator


    sudo apt-get remove –purge avant-window-navigator (too remove packages and config files too)

  131. After installing Xcompmgr and trying to start Avant-window-navigator I get this:

    Warning:Screen isn’t composited. Please run compiz (-fusion) or another compositing manager. If I

    ps ax | grep xcompmgr

    the process is not running. Compiz is not running either.

    When I then load xcompmgr the AWN appears briefly at bottom then disappears and the Screen isn’t composited message appears again (3 dialog boxes).

    Grep still shows process as not running. How do I tell what compositer is running?


  132. First of all thanks for the amazing theme !

    But i have a small problem with my top menu. The bacground image for the top menu is not shown behind the “applications, places and system”. Their background colour is grey. How can i solve this problem.


    • First, I want to thank Damien for putting this together. I’ve tried the Hardy version and so appreciate this one :D.

      Yes. These instructions will work with Karmic Koala. I just did it, and am now enjoying it. Everything works as it should, except I can’t get the apple boot up splash and login, as seen in the screen shots. I’m still getting the Karmic’s Ubuntu spot light and login screens, even I’ve read and followed the instructions for the last part a few times :D. During boot up, I can see the “splashy: Error connecting.”

      Another thing I tried to avoid is following everything here to the dot, since it was for Intrepid. Where ever possible, I tried to use Karmic packages instead. For example, the gnome global menu, splashy, etc. You’ll have less conflicts with package dependencies, and they play nice with each other ;). Btw, the font Bitstream Vera Sans Roman is not available.

      • Hi

        I have just seen that you have converted your ubuntu 9.10 into leopard. I am having problems with this. Which is the home folder that you placed the newly downloaded files into? Also did you have to change the name from hardy to karmic?

        Best regards

        • Yes were able to do it. The thing with the usplash is that, its no longer being used by 9.10 , instead they use XSPLASH.

      • yes were able to do it, except for the USPLASH because 9.10 KARMIC KOALA uses usplash no more, instead it uses the newer XSPLASH

  133. HEY GUYS , good news, this trick even works for UBUNTU 9.10 KARMIC KOALA, I got all the effects entailing the trick except for the usplash which is being shown when the system boots up, because 9.10 no longer uses usplash, but instead, xsplash. Even more, i still get to have my compiz animation and effects work without problem. SO ITS LIKE MAC OS LEOPARD plus compiz. THANKS and appreciation and praises goes to the author of this program.

    -from the Philippines

    for questions just email me,



  134. Thamk yu somuch this stoped me from spending hours looking forsome thing to work on jaunty jackalope

  135. Great effort. But why not just install Lin-X and have the look and feel of Leopard without the extra installation procedures? I have Lin-X and it works just fine. After all, it is based off Ubuntu 8.10.

  136. Hola;tengo instalado ubuntu 9.10 en simultaneo con Win 7. No entiendo mucho de computacion pero queria comentarles que instale “Mac OSX Theme for Ubuntu”. No pude instalar todo completo por que debe de haber cosas que habre hecho o simplemente no estan instaladas. Pero el punto es que me ha ensenado mucho debido a la explicacion de cada cosa que tenia que hacer y/o cada lugar que tenia que ir para descargar alguna Aplicacion. Y queria agradecer que el interes que tienen para con los usuarios de Ubuntu, Linux, Kubuntu; de hacer que tengamos interes en estas cosas tan complejas como la informatica y de enseñarnos a usarlas como si lo supieramos hacer desde hace tiempo.

    Saluda Att. Javier.

  137. yeah, it works on my karmic koala! :D

    thank you, think I’m gonna write in my language, of course, based on this article

    *much better than in older ubuntu distro*

  138. After I download and extract the Mac4Lin, and then go to the terminal it says there is no such directory as “Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1” so I did ls and what shows up is “Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0”. I can get the cd command to work with this, but I am stuck getting at “sh Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0_RC.sh” to work. Some help would be appreciated, I am new to Ubuntu. oh and I am running Ubuntu 9.10

  139. Very Nice! worked with 9.04 just need to know how to rename Desktop to Finder on the top panel

  140. I am using Ubuntu 9.10 and I downloaded the package and tried to show hidden files and nothing showed. Also, I am not getting the same folder you said I would when I downloaded. I am getting a “Mac4Lin_Install_v1.0.zip”. And that is it. I couldn’t even find the files you were talking about inside of that.

  141. Has anyone got the login screen to work on Karmic Koala? I’d like to use it on Karmic but haven’t been able to make it work.

  142. I am at “Configuring usplash screen” and have run the “sudo apt-get autoremove usplash” command, but now that I am trying to install the “libsplashy1_0.3.10-1_i386.deb” and “splashy_0.3.10-1_i386.deb” files, but I get the following errors, “Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libdirectfb-1.0-0” and “Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libdirectfb-1.0-0 (>= 1.0.1-9)”

    I am new to Linux and would really appreciate some help here.

  143. Don’t you think, turning a Linux into a Mac defeats the purpose of having got Linux in the first place.

    Why not just buy a Mac and save all the time and trouble.

  144. Everityng is fine,fine but I can't Change the login schreen , please help me , i want to amaze my friends…

  145. Damn, how did you figure all this out??? I'm clueless running Ubuntu Hardy on an iMac G5. I bought it refurbished with the current Ubuntu OS installed out of practical reasons. Now that I think of it, it's probably not as uncommon as I thought. But I do want my Mac back, and don't want to mess around with learning a new OS. Especially when I'm adapted to Mac and all it's cool commands etc.

  146. When I get to Configure the usplash theme, I do not have an appearance tab. I tried doing what you said, but I have the 64 bit version. Any help?

  147. Will there be a new tutorial for 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)? Or do we have to wait till there is a new version of mac4lin?
    Unfortunately the login screen can't be changed in 9.10 (Karmic Koala). I think that, that also applies to Lucid.

  148. That's correct. Under 9.10 and 10.04 u cn't change de login screen…

    I',m testing the Ubuntu 10.04 and there's a lot of problems with those procedures.

  149. I have just installed the “majority” of this theme and parts work and parts dont on lucid linx . . . A upt date version would be great as i had to miss a fare few parts.
    such as: global menu,awn themes are out of date, and many more. . . . . still works though.


  150. Yeah, I'm sad that I spent thousands of dollars on my Mac. Wait, my Mac only cost slightly over one thousand.

  151. Is there a way to get that apple login screen on version 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)? Because I really want to make my ubuntu look like a mac to play a prank on my sister! So help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  153. this didn't work for me, like most Linux things…. dependency problem trying to install avant window navigator. wasted 2 hours and had to figure out how to roll it back.

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