How to Turn Auto-Correct for Android On and Off

How to Turn On and Off Auto-Correct for Android

I think it is something that has happened to everyone: you are typing a message on WhatsApp, SMS or an Email, and the auto-corrector has made you type something you didn’t mean to. This can be annoying and embarrassing, especially if the message you were typing was for your boss and you accidentally called him/her something you would never do so to his/her face.

These mistakes aren’t just work-related either. Texting your friends you went to a “Lady Gagarin” concert won’t impress them much. Neither will telling them you showed off some good “movies” at the club last night. The good news is that this sometimes-annoying feature can be turned off, so from now on if there are any mistakes in your messages, it will be 100% your fault.

Turning off the auto-correct on Android is very easy. Go to the Main Menu and click on Settings. Once there, tap on “Languages and Keyboard” (or input) and on the keyboard you are using and select the settings cog.


In “Keyboard Settings” you should see something like “Auto Replacement;” just tap it off. Also in Settings you will find Auto-Capitalization, Auto-Spacing and Auto-Punctuate.


If you don’t want to turn it off but just want to adjust how aggressive it will be, you can do that, too, in Lollipop. After scrolling down to “Text Correction” and tapping on Auto-Correction, you will be given different options on how aggressive the auto-corrector will be. You can choose from Off, Modest, Aggressive or Very Aggressive. This way you will only get the amount of suggestions you want.


If Google’s correction suggestion is also annoying, you can turn that off in “Show Correction Setting.” You will be able to choose from Show Them Always, Only Show Them When the Phone is in Portrait and Hide Altogether. Considering that there are so many options when it comes to keyboards, it is a good idea to keep in mind that most of them give you the option to turn off the auto-corrector in the Settings panel. If you have already looked or were unable to find that option, I would suggest trying a different keyboard. Trust me, you won’t have a hard time choosing since there are various keyboard apps out there that do offer this option.


Auto-Corrector can save us from making silly mistakes when we type a message, especially if we are in a hurry, but it can also make us look bad by selecting words we don’t want. If you feel confident enough that you won’t make any (or as many) mistakes without the auto-correct, then you can now turn this feature off, (at your own risk of course). If you found this info useful, don’t forget to give it a share, and let us know if you have decided to leave this feature on or off in the comments.

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