How to Turn on an Android Device without Pressing Any Buttons


Are you tired of turning your phone on and off every time you take it out of you pocket or pick it up from the table? Wouldn’t it be better if the phone automatically turned on whenever you picked it up? If that is what you want, then the app you need to download is called Gravity Screen Off, and it only asks you for three permissions.


By using your phone’s sensors (position and proximity), this app can detect the movements you make when you put your phone in your pocket and automatically blocks them. It also knows when you take your phone out and automatically lights up. This can also be a useful app when your Lock button is spoiled or about to break.

Pocket Sensor

When you first start the app, the first option you see is the Pocket sensor. This feature recognizes that you have your phone in your pocket. If you turn your phone below the angle you have set up, your phone will turn off. You can get an angle as high as 90 degrees and as low as 0. Once you have the angle you want, click on the box that says “Any Direction” (Flip Cover). If you ever wish to change the angle, you need to unselect this option before the app lets you make any changes.

Table Sensor

The lying face up option does exactly what its name says it does. By choosing this option, your phone will automatically turn off when you put it on a flat surface face up. If you ever want to change the angle of the table sensor, you will also need to unselect the “Any Direction” (Flip Cover) option.

Proximity Sensor

In this part of the settings, you will only find two options: Turn Screen Off and On by Proximity. I liked this feature since you can activate the screen by just swiping your hand over the proximity sensor. It made me feel as if the force was with me.

Turn Screen On By Motion

In this section of settings you will see a variety of options such as turning on your device when it’s moved or is facing upward. The choice does warn the user that this feature may not be supported by all devices, and if that is the case with you, you can always use the proximity way to turn your device’s screen on.


There’s a Timeout feature that allows you to set a time interval so you can limit the time the device can be woken by motion. The free version of the app only lets you set it as high as 15 minutes or as low as 0 minutes.

In Sensitivity it would be a good idea if you set it as low as possible because this will avoid you accidentally turning on your phone various times throughout the day. That’s only going to drain your battery anyway. You can set the sensitivity to as high as 100 and as low as 0. There are no restrictions here like in the Timeout feature.

If you hate it when your device’s screen accidentally turns on while it’s in your pocket, then you are going to want to use the “False Turn-On Protection in Pocket” feature. The app does warn you that you should only use this feature if Turn Screen on by Motion is set correctly and works for you.

Keep Screen On by Motion

By enabling this feature, you will prolong the timeout of your screen without touching it. It’s able to keep the screen on by detecting small movements, making everything easier for you. This feature also allows you to set its sensitivity from 0 to 100. If you activate the Booster option, the feature will have a quicker response time.

Be careful here – if you turn the screen off by pressing the Power button, this feature is going to interfere and turn the screen back on. Having the screen turn back on by itself can be very annoying. That’s why I recommend that you enable the Power Button Support that can be found in the More Settings section.

Gravity Screen Off offers other features such as headphone support, running during a call, vibration, disable lock screen, and notifications.

As you can see, this app offers you an insanely large amount of options, and that is what we all want.


This app is great for those days when you feel so lazy you don’t even feel like picking up your phone. It’s free to download right now, so go ahead and enjoy. Do you think that you will give the app a try? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: LG G3

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