How to Automatically Turn Off The WiFi When It Is Not In Use (And Save Battery Life) [Android]

Smartphones are wonderful devices, but it seems that the more advanced they get, the poorer the battery life becomes. If you use your phone repeatedly throughout the day, it is most likely going to be need to be plugged in towards the evening. Some of this battery drain equation can be explained by the use of the WiFi, which remains connected even when your phone is locked. Thankfully, there is a great little application for Android that allows you to setup some advanced management of when the WiFi feature should be switched on and off.

Better Wifi On/Off is an Android application that allows you to setup rules to effectively disable Wi-Fi under various situations, such as when not it is not being used, or ensure that it is switched on when your phone is connected to a charger.

1. Install Better WiFi On/Off from the Play Store.

2. On start up, you are presented with some release notes. This should only show up once. Click Dismiss to continue to the Home screen.


On the Home Screen, you can review the activity log on the main menu. To customize settings on the app, select the settings icon on the top right hand side. The settings contain actions such as when to switch on Wi-Fi, what action to perform when the phone is plugged in, and when to switch off Wi-Fi.


3. The settings section will only list a few options to configure on your phone as Expert mode is not yet switched on. To enable Expert mode, which provides you with a wider variety of settings to manage, scroll down to the bottom of the settings section and tick the relevant check box. When enabled you will have to navigate back to the Settings page from the Home screen.


4. Under the Rules for turning Wifi on heading, there are a three options you can configure for the app to enable Wi-Fi on your phone: On when screen unlocked, On when screen on and On when plugged in (to power source). Enabling Wi-Fi after unlocking your phone saves you the time from navigating to notification menu or settings to turn on Wi-Fi. Furthermore, your battery consumption is reduced as you are not continuously connected to the internet and it prevents particular apps from utilizing the connection when it is not being used. Turning Wifi on when your phone is plugged or charging is a good idea as battery life is obviously not being used.


You can also configure rules for the Wifi connection if the screen is on or off.

5. In Expert mode settings only, you can further configure the options of the app when you have plugged in your Android mobile. If you prefer, selecting Wakelock while plugged in allows you to keep your Wifi connection on everytime your phone is plugged in (even if the screen goes off) which helps when downloading large files or if you are streaming content in the background.


For disabling Wifi, you can check the boxes to turn it off when unplugged and when the screen goes off.


With these simple rules, you can now automate the turning on/off of WiFi for your Android phone. And yes, it will definitely help you conserve battery life, unless you have need for the WiFi to be on all the time.


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