How to Turn Off “Ok Google” Assistant in Android

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a handy tool for when you want to control your phone without physically touching it. But the voice-activated feature can be a problem when it keeps picking up on everything you say and interrupting your conversations with unnecessary updates or queries regarding the words you’re speaking.

There are also users who feel uncomfortable with the notion of Google listening in on everything they say and keeping a record of it. Fortunately, the following simple steps can be used to disable Google Assistant.

Turn off OK Google voice recognition

Open your Android device, and go to the Settings menu, which is the list of options the phone offers you to customize it.

Scroll down the list of options until you see the section titled “Google.” Click on this section to open the customization features that the search engine giant offers for your Android phone.

Google Section Of Settings

Once again, scroll down the list of options on your screen until you find the “Search, Assistant & Voice” section and select it.

Google Settings Options

A new window will appear where you will see the Voice option next to an icon of a microphone. Tap on the Voice option, then go to “Voice Match” on the new page that opens up.

Search Assistant And Voice (1)

The very first option you will see is “Access with Voice Match.” This option lets you access Google Assistant whenever you say “Ok Google” into your phone’s receiver. You will also see another option further down titled “While Driving,” which allows you to control Google Maps with voice commands while you drive.

Okay Google Voice Match

Toggle off both these options to disable the “OK Google” voice recognition feature from your phone or pick only one of them to disable depending on your preference.

Disable Google Assistant

Once again, open your phone, go to Settings, and access the Google section of your Settings page. Again, head over to the Search, Assistant & Voice option and tap on it.

This time, look for the Google Assistant tab and click on it.

Your Google Profile page will be brought up in front of you. Scroll sideways to the left to be presented with the “Assistant” section of the profile. This page carries the details regarding your profile which Google uses so that the AI assistant can interact with you.

Google Assistant Phone Pairing

Scroll down until you see the Assistant Devices option, under which you will find a Phone option and an “Add a device” option. Click on the Phone, and you will be brought to a new page where the first option is simply titled Google Assistant. Toggle this option off by tapping on the button highlighted in blue next to it.

Speech Input Choice

Alternatively, if you simply wish to turn off the voice recognition aspect of Google Assistant, scroll down on the same page to the Voice Match section.

Voice Match Options

Under the Voice and Speech section, tap on Preferred Input and choose Keyboard instead of Voice from the mini window that pops up.

Preferred Voice Input


“Ok Google” can be convenient for the times when you are unable to use your hands to interact with your phone, but the technology behind the feature is still far from perfect. And of course there are also privacy concerns that arise in relation to such a program. With the steps mentioned above, you can turn off this feature whenever you feel like it and turn it back on at a later date according to your preferences.

Image Credit: Google Can Remember Things for You

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