How to Turn Off Conversation View in Gmail

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Gmail has a feature that groups emails with the same subject together so as to allow users to easily view the previous messages, similar to what is seen in texting or chats. This is known as Conversation View, and while it can be incredibly useful in some situations, it can sometimes make finding a specific piece of information more difficult.

If you want to be able to see each email and reply you receive individually, this article will show you how to turn off Conversation View in Gmail’s desktop and mobile apps.

How to Disable Conversation View in Gmail on Your PC

If you use Gmail mostly on your desktop computer, you can easily disable the feature from your PC.

1. Open Gmail on your computer using a browser of your choice.

2. Once you’ve logged in to your account, go to Settings by clicking on the Gear icon located in the upper-right corner.

3. This will open the Quick Settings menu for you.

4. Scroll down all the way to the bottom and untick “Conversation view,” which is on by default.

How To Disable Gmail Conversation View Settings

5. Gmail will need to reload in order to apply the new setting, so click on the “Reload” button in the pop-up window that appears on your display.

How To Disable Gmail Conversation View Reload Button

6. Once that’s done, you should be able to see each email and reply separately.

Alternatively, you can disable the feature by following a slightly different route. Select the Gear icon once more, and in Quick Settings, click on the “See all settings” option.

How To Disable Gmail Conversation View See All Settings

Now you should be able to see the full list of Settings available for your account. In the General tab, scroll down until you find “Conversation view” and tick the second option, “Conversation view off.”

How To Disable Gmail Conversation Disable Feature Settings

If you can’t seem to find the option, simply use your browser’s search function to get there faster. Don’t forget to “Save Changes.” That’s it, you’re done.

How to Disable Conversation View in Gmail for Android

Next, we take a look at how you can disable the same feature directly from your Android mobile device. The steps are similar but not quite exactly the same.

1. Open the Gmail app on your Android device.

2. Tap on the hamburger menu in the search bar at the top of the display.

How To Disable Gmail Conversation View Hamburger Menu Mobile

3. Scroll down and select the Settings option.

How To Disable Gmail Conversation View Mobile App Settings

4. Tap on your Google account. f you have multiple accounts and want to disable Conversation View for all, select “General Settings” instead.

How To Disable Gmail Conversation View Mobile App Select Gmail Account

5. Scroll down until you find the Conversation view option and untick it.

How To Disable Gmail Conversation View Mobile Disable Feature

6. The app will update your Settings, and once you’re returned to your Inbox, you should see email replies separately.

How To Disable Gmail Conversation View Mobile App Updating Settings

If you decide you want to switch back, simply go through all these steps once more and tick the Conversation view option again. Note that turning the feature off on your mobile won’t affect how you view things in Gmail on your desktop and vice-versa.

How to Keep Emails Separate without Turning Conversation View Off

Turning Conversation View off is not the only way you can keep your conversations separate in Gmail. If at any point you feel that scrolling through the thread of emails has become too cumbersome, you can quickly split it by applying a simple trick – just change the subject or your email when composing your next reply. This will have the effect of creating a new thread. Older replies will still be visible in this new email, but you can always delete them manually, if you so desire.

If you want to continue learning useful Gmail tricks, then perhaps you may be interested in learning how you can enable and use Gmail offline or how to mark all unread emails as read when using the service.

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