Turn Your iPhone/iPod Touch Into Remote Control For Your Computer

There’s an old saying about giving presentation in public that I like so much that goes: “The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public.” This statement wants to say that speaking in front of many people is not easy.

Those who has presented in front of public knows too well that they could use any help they can get to make their presentation successful. Aside from the material and mental preparation, having a remote control will also improve the presentation quality.

But instead of buying a dedicated presentation remote control, you can turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into one. And it’s not just for presentation, but also for any other computing activity.

Meet The Hippo

To be able to do that, you need a free application called Hippo Remote LITE. This is the free version of the more featured paid app. There are two components that you’ll need: the app for your iPhone/iPod Touch and the desktop application for your computer. Hippo Remote LITE supports remote controlling Windows, Mac and also Linux machines.

The iPhone/iPod Touch app could be downloaded via iTunes then synchronized and installed; or directly from your device.

iPhone Remote - iTunes Store - Hippo

The next step would be setting up your system. Following are the steps taken in Mac machine.

Go to “Screen Sharing” under “Sharing” in System Preferences.

iPhone Remote - System Preferences - Screen Sharing

Enable “Screen Sharing” and write down the VNC address.

iPhone Remote - Screen Sharing Settings

To secure the connection and prevent unwanted party from accessing the system, protect the connection with password.

iPhone Remote - System Preferences - Password

Then you need to fill in the admin password to enable system change.

iPhone Remote - SecurityAgent

After finishing the setup at your system, start the iPhone/iPod Touch app, and select the available connection. Hippo Remote LITE should automatically detect the computer with the desktop app installed.

In the rare case where the computer is not detected, you can start the connection manually by clicking “Add Connection“, and filling in the IP Address (the VNC address that you get from the previous steps) and the password. You don’t want to change the port though, unless you really know what you are doing.

iPhone Remote - Connecting

After the two devices are connected, you’ll have a touchpad display on your iPhone/iPod Touch screen. You can easily change the display into keyboard or split screen where keyboard and touchpad exist side by side.

iPhone Remote - Trackpad And Keyboard

If you go to settings, you can customize several things such as the tracking and scrolling speed, three and four finger gesture options, and also the background image (wallpaper). For some people, having the picture of their loved ones instead of black background will surely brightens things up.

iPhone Remote - Settings

To have bigger typing space on your iDevice, you can easily rotate the screen.

iPhone Remote - Hippo Landscape

The setup for Linux system is more or less the same with Mac, while on Windows is a little bit different. To get more comprehensive walk through, you can go to the Hippo Remote Setup page.

One Other Alternative

Hippo Remote LITE is not the only free app that could turn your iDevices into remote control for your computer. Another alternative worth mentioning is Logitech Touch Mouse from the famous maker of keyboard and mouse.

The basic steps of installation is the same to Hippo Remote LITE: an app for your iDevices and a desktop software for your computer. This system also supports Windows and Mac, but unfortunately not Linux.

iTunes Store Touch Mouse

The first step is to pair the computer and the iDevice. Select the detected computer or enter the IP Address. The first display is the trackpad with mouse clicks on the above. Typing keyboard could be easily summoned by tapping the keyboard icon below.

iPhone Remote - Logitech Touch Mouse.png

Rotating the screen also works with this app, giving you bigger typing space.

iPhone Remote - Logitech Rotate

Have you tried to use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a remote control for your computer? Do you know other alternatives to this two apps? Share your thoughts and opinion using the comment below.

Image credit: skpy

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