Tuneskit Video Cutter For Mac Review – The Smart, Easy Way to Cut Video

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Editing video is something that almost everyone has to do from time to time. There was a time not so long ago that video editing was only done by tech heads and professionals and normal people never had to deal with it. But the omnipresence of smartphones and social media means that very few people in 2018 never have to cut a bit of video in some small way. Everyone has to do it.

The biggest problem with users of varying skills needing to edit video is quite a few video-editing products are meant to edit much more elaborate videos, from multiple takes and adding titles and sound and what have you. More often than not, though, your needs are much more modest, like for example trimming the ends of a video before uploading or joining together two separate videos into one. What do you do then?

Just Cutting Videos

Tuneskit Video Cutter does exactly what it says on the cover: it’s a smart, easy-to-use and multifuctional software that cuts video. Obviously, in addition to cutting it also enables you to join it together too. The product is intended to be a no-frills tool which not only cuts and splices pieces of video together but also allows you to save the output in a variety of useful formats like MP4, MPEG, AVI, FLV, MP3, WMA, M4R, etc. (For a full list of formats, check out this list.)

Also, as well as cutting and joining and converting, it aims to do this without any perceptible loss of quality (in fact they use the word “lossless”) in multiple formats. The software also has templates for a variety of different devices like computers, phones, tablets, etc.


The software has some advanced acceleration tech inside which apparently enables sixty times faster cutting speed. The interface is simple, just like a common video player like Quicktime, and it looks utilitarian and businesslike.

Who’s It Cut Out For?

As previously stated, this is not something for people cutting feature films or documentaries – this is a straightforward video-cutting tool, like a pair of smart digital scissors for video and audio.

Say, for example, you shoot a video of your children or girlfriend doing something adorable. The clip is perfect, but at the beginning there is a phone ringing, and at the end you drop the camera. You might think those things add a certain realistic charm to the shot, but you might also think it would be much better if you could just lose those bits and re-encode the video all fixed up. Video Cutter makes this very easy.


In another situation you might want to upload a video of your friend getting a drastic haircut. You shoot before and after shots, but now they are two separate videos. Using Video Cutter you can just merge the two videos together before uploading, and before you know it, your friend’s public humiliation is complete for all to see.

Why Video Cutter?

The main benefit of Tuneskit Video Cutter is that it does all this cutting and joining business while attempting as much as possible to preserve the quality of the original material. Video Cutter tries to play nice with the various formats and does a pretty good job of it, too. It also has the ability to adjust the brightness and contrast of your videos. Plus, there’s a bunch of fun effects you can add, too.


The biggest benefit of Video Cutter is that it does just a handful of jobs very well. It’s not overcomplicated; it’s a tool and not a toy. With a lot of video-editing tools and suites, there can be a lot of elaborate features (in some cases added just to swell the spec sheet) which you will never use. If you just cut and join videos, you need something a lot faster and simpler. It’s not only efficient, it’s also accurate, allowing very precise cuts down to the single frame.

Any Loose Ends?

As an added bonus Tuneskit Video Cutter will strip any DRM from assets you put through it, so you can also use it to play your legally purchased media on devices other than the ones they are usually tied to.

Tuneskit Video Cutter for Mac costs just $29.95, but excitingly there is also a trial version for you to download, so you can test if this is for you before you actually purchase the software. We urge you to do this, as you never know, it might be the simple, compact video-editing tool you’ve been looking for all your life.

If you have any questions or comments about Tuneskit Video Cutter, then please leave them in the comment section below.

Phil South
Phil South

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