Do You Trust Online Reviews? [Poll]

Making your way through the World Wide Web, you’ll find it filled with reviews. These reviews cover everything from computers to appliances to vacations to the latest blockbusters at your local theater. You read them, but can they really be trusted?

Some sites are set up just to give you reviews, while other sites are interested in selling the product, but still allow and encourage people to post their experiences with the product. Other sites include reviews as part of their article base such as tech sites or entertainment sites. Perhaps some of these reviews are more trustworthy than others. A paid writer could be more trusted than a person airing his grievances on Amazon. This could go the other way around as well. Maybe the opinion of the person not being paid is more trustworthy than the person being paid.

It’s a lot to think about as you sit down and read these reviews when determining whether or not to trust this other opinion. Does it depend on the site or does it depend on the writer? Or does it depend solely on the type of product being reviewed

Do you trust online reviews?

Do You Trust Online Reviews

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