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  1. “What are your thoughts on logging in to websites with your phone?”
    Even if I owned a smartphone, I would not log in to any sites with it because the screen is too small. Then there is Laura’s article from yesterday “Report Shows that IoT Devices Are Under Constant Attack” which indicates that all WiFi-capable devices are under attack.

    “Alex thinks biometrics should consist of user names and not passwords.”
    What is the actual difference between a “user name” and a “password”? When reduced to their simplest terms, both are nothing more than a collection of characters; random or not depending on the cleverness of the user. Neither has any particular advantage over the other in actual usage.

    “Miguel realizes it may sound paranoid”
    Just because you are paranoid does not mean someone is NOT out to get you or your data. :-)

    “Sayak prefers voice ID access much more than biometrics.”
    FYI, Sayak, voice ID IS biometrics. Unless something drastic happens to your vocal chords, you can’t change your voice, just like you can’t change your fingerprints or your retinal pattern.

    The one, overarching problem with biometrics is that once they are compromised, you cannot get a set of new ones. You are stuck with them forever.

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