How to Trim a Video on an iPad

When you need to trim a video that has been captured on your iPad, the usual step is to transfer the video over to your computer and use a video editor to accomplish the task. That is the primitive way of doing things. There is an easier way out there that allows you to trim videos directly on your iPad. You no longer need access to your computer to trim a video. Here’s how:

This is a built-in feature in the iOS that allows users to trim any video that they have stored on their iDevices.

Trimming a Video on an iPad

1. Tap on the Photos app from your Springboard. It is where you can find all of the videos that you have shot with your iPad.


2. Tap on any video that you would like to trim. Make sure it is a video and not an image file.


3. When the video opens, you will see two bars on the top that let you go backward or forward in the video. Drag the starting and ending bar to the points where you want to trim the video. Then tap on the “Trim” button given in the top-right corner.


4. You should now be presented with two options to choose from. If you want to keep the original video as it is and want to create a new file for the trimmed clip, tap on the button that says “Save as New Clip.” Or, if you want to trim the original file, hit the button that says “Trim Original.”


5. The resultant file should automatically be saved in the Photos app on your device.

6. You are done.

And that’s all there is to it. You now have the trimmed version of the clip you chose above with, of course, reduced file size. It is now perfect to be sent to your friends or family who you only want to show a part of the video to.


With the built-in feature of trimming a video, you will no longer need a computer to edit your videos, as the whole task can be done on the fly with your iPad.

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