Tribit X-Boom: A Bluetooth Speaker with Bass You Can See & Feel Review

Tribit X-Boom: A Bluetooth Speaker With Bass You Can See & Feel

If you use a Bluetooth speaker regularly to listen to music, the bass is probably an important aspect to you. Sadly, many speakers are lacking when it comes to hard-hitting bass. However, the bass is where the Tribit X-Boom Bluetooth speaker truly excels. Thanks to its exclusive “XBass Technology,” bass lovers will really enjoy the boost provided with the push of a button.

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The rugged style of the speaker ensures that it’s built to last and will hold up in all types of environments. The body is silicone along with the strap that comes attached to it. Additionally, because of the X-Boom’s 360° cylinder design, you’ll get rich sound from all angles.


It’s also completely waterproof, making it great for use in the shower, at the pool, in the rain, or anywhere else where there’s water. With up to twenty hours of playtime, you don’t have to worry about the battery running out on you during an event. If you work alone or at home, you can also listen to it for your entire shift without issue.

As you can see, the Tribit X-Boom Bluetooth speaker looks great on paper, but is it really worth checking out? Let’s find out!

What’s in the Box

The speaker comes with a micro-USB charging cable and a User Manual in several different languages. I have my own charging cables that I always use, but it’s nice to have one included.


Features and Navigation

The Tribit X-Boom speaker is very easy to navigate. All the buttons are laid out in a way that just makes sense. The buttons on the back are small, and a couple even light up, while the buttons on the front are the complete opposite – extra large without any lights. The flap that covers the AUX-in and charging ports is thick and has a really snug fit. This is obviously to help keep water from getting in but also means that it can be a bit of a pain to open up.


On the front of the speaker you’ll find these buttons:

  • Volume Up button – Short or long press to increase the volume.
  • MFB Button (multi-function) – Single press to play/pause and answer/end calls. Double press to go to the next track. Triple press to go to the previous track. Press and hold for two seconds to reject an incoming call. Press and hold for two seconds to activate voice dialing (if your phone supports it). On my Galaxy S8 this brings up the voice assistant.
  • Volume Down button – Short or long press to decrease the volume.

On the back of the speaker you’ll find these buttons, ports, and indicators:

  • Power button and indicator – Lights up blue.
  • Battery level indicator – Goes from one to four white indicators based on the approximate battery level. A single red indicator lets you know that the battery is below ten percent and needs to be charged ASAP.
  • Bluetooth button – Used to manually enter pairing mode.
  • XBass button and indicator – Boosts the bass and lights up white.
  • AUX-in port – Connect to devices that don’t support Bluetooth.
  • Micro-USB charging port – A cable is included.

Sound Quality and Experience

Personally, I really like the tall, cylinder design of the X-Boom and the way everything is laid out. It’s different from your average Bluetooth speaker, and the shape allows it to easily fit into the bottle compartment of any bag (e.g. backpack, purse).


One of the coolest features of the speaker is the visible subwoofers on the top and bottom. They’re well-cushioned and literally pulsate along with the beat of the music; the pulsation speed follows the speed of the song. It’s pretty fun to watch and even more fun to touch! I’ve included a short video below so that you can see it for yourself.

When listening to music and doing a little gaming, I honestly can’t tell the difference between the sound of the X-Boom and my name brand speaker that I usually use. It sounds that good! The volume level goes extremely loud – loud enough to have a neighbor banging on the wall if you live in an apartment or condo.

The speaker already packs a nice little punch without XBass being enabled, but once you do enable it, the bass goes really hard. It’s actually more noticeable if you are holding the speaker, though. I first tried comparing without holding the speaker and simply pressing the button, and it was more subtle than actually holding the speaker in hand and feeling the difference. Regardless, rest assured that you will not be disappointed!

As mentioned above, the speaker is completely waterproof. Tribit’s website even states that you can confidently “toss it into the pool or the ocean,” so I wanted to try it out for myself. Below, I recorded a short video testing out the speaker in the bathroom sink. I did cringe a little at first, but it did indeed keep on ticking during and after submersion.

Final Thoughts

I’m truly impressed with the Tribit X-Boom Bluetooth speaker and think it’s a great buy; it would also make a nice gift with the holidays coming up. I’m almost tempted to replace my main speaker with it since the bass on the X-Boom blows it out the water! If you own two X-Booms, you can also pair them together to play in sync.

The only little complaint I have is that when watching videos on YouTube (connected via Bluetooth), there is a slight delay in the audio when playing through the speaker. However, when connected directly via an AUX cable, the audio is perfectly synced. I don’t have that issue with my main speaker. The manufacturer has informed us that this aspect was only on a few samples and that it has been taken care of in all future speakers.

Before this, I had never heard of the Tribit brand, so I wasn’t sure to expect. Let’s just say that it greatly exceeded my expectations. After hearing about this speaker, what are your thoughts?

Tribit X-Boom Bluetooth Speaker

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