7 Trello Board Ideas to Put Your Ideas to Action

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For a tool as powerful as Trello, it’s daunting to get started. Conversely, if you primarily use Trello for work, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine the various ways Trello can wiggle into your daily life. From vacation planning to hitting your personal wellness goals, Trello can keep you in line. Here we look at seven Trello board inspiration ideas to help you conquer your next challenge, big or small.

1. Holiday Planning

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The holidays don’t occur with a snap of the fingers. It involves splitting yourself into being a chef and a party planner. Trello can step in to make sense of the entire affair. We recommend splitting your board into the following cards:

  1. Ideas
  2. Guest List
  3. Menu Ideas
  4. Shopping Lists
  5. Link repositories
  6. Duty Assignments

As for pre-set Trello boards, be sure to check out Brian’s Holiday Dinner Planning board. Lauren’s Holiday Gift Shopping board offers you a great workflow separated into the recipients, the gift ideas, ordered gifts (online), bought gifts (in store), and completed (or wrapped gifts).

2. Trip Planning

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Trip planning is quite multifaceted. We aren’t talking about deciding what to do. Deciding on a destination alone can be heartburn inducing. We recommend splitting your Trello action plan into two parts: the ideas phase and the actual destination planning stage. In this stage, you are simply putting your heads together to decide where you are looking to go. You can skip this phase if you know where you are going. This stage normally involves comparing flight prices and other destination-specific considerations. In the destination-planning phase, you can use this period to actually organize lodging ideas, things to do, the best restaurants, etc.

3. Crowdsourced Recommendations

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Have you hit a rut in deciding on a movie or restaurant? Have a first date coming up and need recommendations from your quorum on where to take your date? Trello can step in. Users can step in and vote on the suggestions of others or throw their hats in the ring and offer some recommendations as well. We recommend checking out this Book Club board for additional board inspiration. The same spirit is kept with this example, and additional features, including adding links or other multimedia, can allow users to share menus or even good (or bad) reviews.

4. Recipes and Meal-Planning

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Are you looking to get into summer shape? Maybe you simply want to have a diet that doesn’t make you feel groggy and sluggish at the end of your meal. Maybe you have just been in a meal rut and need a board to get your creative juices flowing. Trello is here for all of those scenarios. In the example Trello board, the author chunked the boards into meal bases and categories. From there, you’ll find a separate card for grocery lists separated by week.

The real power of this board comes in the final card deck. While the author didn’t add an extraordinary feature here, it sparked our imagination. Using Trello’s collaboration tool, individuals could comment on their favorite recipes for the user to collect. Individuals can also comment on each recipe card with their modifications or other cooking tips. Maybe you could substitute salt for another spice in that chili. The collaboration tools allow for Trello to truly show its power.

5. Job Searching

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The job search can require the effort of a village sometimes. From flagging strong job leads to ensuring that you remember to follow up on that strong first interview. Trello can fit into those tasks and much more. In this template Trello board, Brian has a board for the classic items you need to track in a job search: dream companies, jobs currently in the pipeline, offers that are moving forward, and so on. The board also has a catchall to-do card to start, which allows you to keep track of all of those smaller, low-hanging fruit tasks.

6. Budgeting

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Managing a budget can seem hectic. Not only are you tracking current money flow, but you are trying to rectify the past (settle any unresolved debts) while also ensuring that you are saving for the future. Trello can step in, and this stellar template board can show you how. The first couple cards track monthly bills, all things investment-related, and your general budget spreadsheets. From there, the last two cards focus on the bigger picture: saving for a specific goal or the future or saving tips. This Trello idea truly gives you full clarity on how to tackle your entire financial health.

7. Resolutions/Goals

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In the final Trello idea, we are going to explore creating a resolutions and goals board. If I were to choose a category that would best use Trello outside of a business construct, it would be this one. In this template created by Jenny, there’s a baseline understanding that resolutions aren’t simply born in January and expected to stick for the other eleven months. They are dynamic commitments to oneself that grow over time and according to your realities.

This board splits up resolutions into bite-sized three-month chunks. Trello’s due-date feature allows you to set your own deadline, and the checklist component of each card allows you to make any resolution digestible. The “Doing This Month” section allows you to draw your focus on the resolution at hand.

How has Trello helped you tackle your latest goal or idea? Let us know in the comments!

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Ari Simon

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