TREBLAB xFIT: Convenience and Comfort at a Great Price

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I use Bluetooth headphones almost every day lately. From a simple jog to a shopping trip, I like to have some music or a podcast going to make things a little more interesting. As such, when I was given the chance to review the TREBLAB xFIT, I jumped at the chance to give them a shot. Thankfully, I was not disappointed by these amazing earbuds.

The Headphones and Case

The headphones are small true wireless buds that fit inside the ear. There are no charging ports on the buds themselves; they’re too small to accommodate one. Instead, you charge the headphones via the case that comes with them.

Trelab Case Closed

It’s easy to assume the case is just for holding the headphones. However, the case is equipped with a battery inside of it that charges the headphones when they’re inside. You can see the status of the case’s battery via four LEDs on the front. Charge the case via a USB cable, then unplug it once it’s done. The case’s battery can now do five full headphone charges before it needs a top-up.

The case is also magnetized to keep everything together. When you place the headphones in, a magnetic charge holds them in place. Then, when you close the lid, another magnet keeps the lid down. The magnetic strength was surprising, to the point where I could turn the box upside down and shake it vigorously without it opening.

Connecting and Disconnecting to a Bluetooth Device

One pet peeve I have with my old, wired headphones is that they need to be turned on and off manually. Several times I’ve come home from a walk and forgotten to turn them off, which drained the battery. As such, I was interested to see if the headphones responded to being taken out and placed into the case by turning themselves on and off.

Trelab Case Open

When you take the headphones out of the case, they immediately turn on and announce it in the earpieces. They then connect to a paired device and announce “connected” once completed. You can then use them as earpieces for your paired Bluetooth device without needing to press a button.

Interestingly, you can also just wear one earpiece. This is great if you like to listen to music while you’re out, but don’t want to block out the world around you. It only works if you remove the right earpiece, as it’s the “master” headphone that handles all communications. However, due to the earpiece’s design, you could easily slip it into your left ear instead.

Best of all, once you’re done with them, you don’t need to turn them off. As soon as they’re put back in their case, they disengage and resume charging. Due to the small size of the headphones, it becomes second nature to want to put them back into the case, so they’re always at 100% charge when you pick them back up.

On the Go

Listening to music and podcasts while walking sounded good. It wasn’t amazing, but it definitely wasn’t tinny, either. The connection also held up fine in my trouser pocket while I walked, with very little skips or dead zones.

Each earpiece has a large button that is easy to press while moving. This pauses your media so you can hear your surroundings better. You can also double-tap the buttons to go back or forward a track. Unfortunately, there is no volume control on the headphones themselves!

Final Verdict

Overall, I was very impressed with the Treblab xFIT headphones. The charging case was convenient, the magnetic holds were strong, the headphones were comfy, and the sound quality was great.

The best part is, all of these premium features come at a price that doesn’t break the bank. With the code xFITNEW10, you can buy them for 10 percent off on Amazon, which I believe is a great price for this robust piece of kit.

While its 5-hour battery life is nothing to shout from the rooftops about, the portable charging case means you can keep the headphones going for 25 hours without a charging cable!

As such, I do highly recommend these headphones for anyone interested in listening to music as they jog or travel. The charging case is well-made, the product works well, and I’m already replacing my old pair of headphones with these!

Simon Batt
Simon Batt

Simon Batt is a Computer Science graduate with a passion for cybersecurity.

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