Transform Kubuntu Jaunty to Windows 7 In 3 Simple Steps

One thing that I love about Linux (and Ubuntu) is that it is fully customizable and I can configure it to the way that I want it. While we have shown you how to turn Ubuntu to look like Mac OS X, let’s bring a step further and see how we can transform Kubuntu Jaunty to Windows 7 in 3 simple steps.

In this tutorial, we will make use of the Vistar7 – Windows 7 transformation pack to perform the transformation. This transformation pack has a nice collection of Windows 7 themes and comes with an installation script to make the whole transformation a breeze.

Before we start, please note that:

1) The purpose of this tutorial is to illustrate the flexibility and customizability of the Linux desktop. We are not advocate of Microsoft (or Windows 7).

2) If you are not comfortable with your computer looking like any other OS (especially the one that you hate most), do not read further.

3) The transformation pack only change the look and feel of your Kubuntu Jaunty. It does not give you the functionality of Windows 7. If you want to use Windows 7, download the RC1 and install it in your computer instead.

4) This transformation pack will create a new user profile in your system and install itself in the new profile. Your personal profile will be left untouched.

Step 1: Download the transformation pack

First, download the Windows 7 transformation pack file.

Step 2: Make the installation script executable

Open the Konsole and type in:

Step3: Install the transformation pack

(Before you run the installation script, make sure you are connected to the Internet.)

Run the installation script by running the following command in the Konsole:

The installation script will do the following:

1. Add new software package to your existing software repository.

2. Install several plasma related software.

3. create a new user – vistar7.

4. prompt you to set password for the new user.

4. Extract the required files to the corresponding theme directory.

5. Change the configuration path.

When the installation is done, you have to switch to the new user profile – vistar7 to see the Windows 7 interface in action.



Kubuntu’s menu bar.


Dolphin and Konqueror passing off as Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer 8.


List of Windows 7 wallpapers that come with the transformation pack


Install the theme in your personal profile

For those who want to bring it further and install the transformation pack in your personal profile instead of the new user – Vistar 7, here is the steps:

(This is not recommended as the transformation is not fully supported by the creator. Do this at your own risk.)

In the Windows 7 transformation pack folder, open the file in Kate.

At the third line, change the NEWUSERNAME to your own username

Scroll down to line 30, put a # in front of the statement from line 30-33

Save the file.

Run the script in Konsole:

Log out and login again. You should be able to see the Windows 7 theme in action now.

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