How to Easily Transfer A Webpage From Android To Chrome

android2cloud-introMany times when I am reading a site on my Android phone, I want to switch over to my computer for one reason or another. Transferring over to a different device is kind of a pain. You need to type in the long URL or go to the site and search for the page again.

I came across a solution to ease this burden. Android2Cloud is an Android application similar to Chrome to phone. Android2Cloud is in-fact the opposite of Chrome to phone. It lets you send a link to the page you are looking at on your Android device to your Google Chrome browser.

Setting up Google Chrome

There are a couple setup steps you will need to do before you can use android2Cloud. You will need to download the application and install it on your Google Chrome browser.

Download Android2for Google Chrome.

The Google Chrome side of it may cause confusion for some people. It is not complicated, but has a step that could be confusing to some people. Follow these steps and you should be fine.

Once you install the Google Chrome web app, a new tab will open walking you through the setup.


Most of the steps are easy enough. The step that may throw you is step 2. This step asks you to pick a host for your information. Leave this as the default and you will be fine.


Follow the rest of the steps, making sure to press save for each step. You will be asked to log in and grant Android2Cloud access to your Google Account.


The next step is to download Android2Chrome to your Android Phone.

Install Android2Cloud from the Market. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code displayed after you set up the Google Chrome app.


Configuring the Android phone side of the pairing is really easy. You will only need to install and sign in using your Google account information.


Using Android2Cloud

When using the browser on your Android phone, you will undoubtedly come across a page you that would be easier view on your computer. From your Android phone, you can follow the steps below to send the page you are viewing Google Chrome on your computer.

As a reminder, you will need to be signed into Google Chrome on your computer for the process to work.

To transfer this page to your desktop, you will need to access your share menu.


Just like of you wanted to post a link to the page on Facebook or email or message.


You will see Android2Cloud as an option to share.


Tap on Android2Cloud and your message will be sent to Google Chrome.


I tried sending web pages from my Android phone while Google Chrome was open and while it was closed. When Chrome is open, the page will automatically open in a new window. If Chrome is not open, it should show when you open it next.


I find that in more cases, I use Android2Cloud more than I use Chrome2Phone. It is more likely for me to be looking at a page on my Android and need to watch a video with a larger screen than the other way around. Android2Cloud had been an extremely useful application.

What tricks do you have to blur the line between phone and desktop browsing?

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Trevor Dobrygoski
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