How to Transfer Gmail Contacts from One Account to Another

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Thanks to Google mail now automatically backing up your personal information online, you no longer need to save each contact in your Gmail list one by one. Here are the steps to transfer your Gmail contacts from the old account to your new account.

Using a PC

1. Go to on your web browser. Log in to your Google account.

2. Scroll down the page until you see the “More” option.

Google Contacts Page

3. Here you will find the “Export” option in the drop-down menu.

4. Two options will appear: one is to select contacts individually, and the second is to select all contacts at once.

Google Export Contacts

5. Click on Google CSV under the “Export” option so the list gets saved on your PC.

6. Once the list has been downloaded onto your PC, log out of your old Gmail account and log in to your new account.

Google Import Contacts

7. Instead of the “Export” option, this time choose the “Import” option and load the contacts list from your computer to your new account.

Wait for some time to allow your new Gmail account contacts list to sync with your phone.

Using Android

Google Contacts App

To make the following method work, first you will have to install the Contacts app by Google if it is not already installed on your phone.

1. Once you have downloaded it, open the app and go to the “Menu” list.

google contact app menu

2. Scroll down the Menu list until you find the “Settings” option and click on it.

3. There you will find the “Export” option which will once again allow you to save your contacts list to your personal device when you click on it.

Google Contacts App Options

4. Now remove the old Gmail account from your phone and log in to your new one.

5. Head back to your Contacts app.

6. Go back to Menu and then Settings. This time choose the “Import” option.

Google Contacts Import Option

7. Tap “Import” to reveal two options: .vcf file and SIM card. Choose either option depending on where you store your contacts to import the file to your new account.

All your contacts from your old account will be transferred to your new account, and your phone contact list will also sync with your new email contacts list.

Cleaning Up Your Contacts

Before exporting your contacts list, there are a couple of things you can do to clean up your list to make it more compact and manageable:

1. Go to your Google Contacts app, click on the three bars at the top left and select “Suggestions.” Select the “Clean Up Duplicates” option. This will show you all the contacts that are identical and allow you to merge them to one contact.

2. Go through your contacts list manually and delete entries from people you don’t know or no longer wish to stay in contact with.


These are the simple methods that Google has provided to allow you to transfer your email contacts list from one account to another quickly and smoothly. How long these methods take to work will depend on the speed of your Internet and how many contacts you wish to save.

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