How To Transfer Applications To A New Android Device

Whenever you get a new Android device, one common event happens. You need to download all of your favorite apps onto the new device. Those of you who are app hoarders know this isn’t an easy task. Many people look at the old phone then go to the Google Play Store and download the app to the new device. This takes a lot of time. What happens if your Android is water damaged or lost?

Downloading Android apps onto a new device doesn’t need to be so difficult. While these are not 100% foolproof and need a little bit of initial setup, it will make the transfer much easier. Below are a few different ways to move applications from one Android device to another.

When you got your first Android device or maybe even before that, you created a Google Account. This Google Account, even if you only used it to download applications, can be used to transfer application to a new Android device.

Before your Google Account will know you want to back up the apps, you will need to let Google know. In the Privacy menu of your phone, you should see boxes for Back up my data and Automatic restore. Read the text about what is stored on Google’s servers. Check the boxes if you are okay with everything. Now your information should be backed up with Google.


When you download the same applications to the new device, this “should” restore the information in the application too. I wouldn’t put 100% faith in this method, but the built in information backup and restore option will save time.

AppBrain is great choice to create a list of Android apps on your device and easily reinstall them if needed. I personally use AppBrain to keep track of my apps because I can create different lists. I have a master sync list with all of the apps ever installed on the Android devices I have used.

AppBrain is actually 2 applications for what we are doing here and you will need to install both AppBrain and Fast Web Installer onto your new device. The old Android only need the AppBrain app.

Download AppBrain

Download Fast Web Installer

When you open the AppBrain app for the first time you will need to log in. You can use your Google Account for ease of remembering. Other login options such as Facebook are available too.


Once your account is all set, press the Sync button and let all of your applications start to show up in the list on If you’d like to make different lists, you can do this on the AppBrain site.


Moving the Android apps to the new device is a matter of downloading the 2 AppBrain apps to the new Android and signing in. This will register the Android with AppBrain. From their site, you can choose all of the applications from lists from your old devices and add them to the new device’s list.


Once you do, the applications will start to install on the new device.

Rooted users can use a backup application to create a backup of the apps. Both the backup and restore processes are pretty straight forward. Add all of the applications you’d like to move to your new Android device, then create a backup.


Changing ROMs will not warrant moving the backup off of the microSD card, but if you are going to a different device with a much larger microSD card, you may need to move the backup to the new microSD card.

Restore the applications by importing the backup(s) and following the steps.


Download Titanium Backup

Moving applications to a new device or changing the ROM isn’t something to dread. With a little preparation, the transfer will go smoothly. If there was a better way to login to all of the apps again, I would be a happy camper.

What are your tips for transferring apps to a different Android?