5 Android Apps for Tracking What You Eat And Controlling Your Diet

5 Android Apps for Tracking What You Eat And Controlling Your Diet

There are multiple ways to go about eating more healthily. Dieting isn’t for everyone, nor is it necessarily the best approach. You may find that you make smart changes in what you eat just by keeping up with what you consume.

These Android apps can track your meals and log calories. And if you are on a diet, some can help with that too.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal Android app.

MyFitnessPal is a widely popular app with over 10,000,000 installs. Since it’s been adopted by so many, it integrates with various other apps and products, such as the Fitbit and Jawbone Up fitness bracelets (both of which include the ability to track food and calories inside their own companion apps). MyFitnessPal can keep tabs on your food, calories, and recipes.

With a database containing millions of foods, entering your meals each day may not be as time-consuming as it seems. The app is free to use, as long as you’re willing to register an account.

2. TwoGrand

TwoGrand takes a more social approach. You’re encouraged to take pictures of what you eat and share it in a feed where others can view your diet. This means you can browse through what other people in your target weight area consume.

Social features aside, TwoGrand gives you a place to track calories and water consumption as well, so the experience doesn’t revolve entirely around pictures. And it’s free.

3. Lose It!

Lose It! Android app.

Lose It! is a solution for people who want all of their apps to take inspiration from Google’s material design guidelines. The app is bright, with plenty of color and whitespace. There’s also a floating action button at the bottom. All of this lets you track your food consumption and exercise using an interface that would make a Nexus smile. Yet while the core app is free, many features require springing for the premium version.

4. Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker Android app.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker comes from SparkPeople, a company whose website inspires people to live and eat more healthily. This means the app not only offers the ability to track food and exercise, it integrates with sparkpeople.com to provide you with encouraging or useful reading material. You need to create an account to get started, but the app itself is free.

5. Food Journal

Food Journal Android app.

If you simply want to track your diet without any of the distractions that come with social integration or recommendations, Food Journal has you covered. You can jot down what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and the times in between. Then you set your own goals and see how close your calorie intake comes each day.

You can use the app for free, but the $1.99 premium upgrade adds more features (no ads, more foods, more meals, etc). Either way, Food Journal is the only app on this list that doesn’t require an account.


Keeping up with any of these apps requires dedication. You have to remember to enter every meal and snack you consume, otherwise the information won’t be accurate. None of them will do the work for you.

If this isn’t an issue, give one a go and come back to us with your results. Those of you who already have experience with tracking what you eat, please share your experience with us. And if your app of choice isn’t on the list above, give it a shout out in the comments below!

Bertel King, Jr.

Bertel is a tech blogger and independent novelist who puts perhaps a tad too much trust in Google. He’s loved Android since the moment he got his eager hands on his first device -- if not sooner -- and has understood the Chromebook Pixel from day one.You can follow his work at bertelking.com.

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