Track Your Package Shipment With Twitter

While I have covered 16 interesting things that you can do with Twitter, it only covered the tip of the iceberg. Ever since Twitter released their API, there are really thousands of things that you can do with it – one of them is to track your FedEx, UPS, USPS and DHL shipment with Twitter.

TrackThis is a Webservice that monitors your package shipment for you. To get started, simply follow TrackThis at and wait for it to follow you back. Once that is done, you can send your shipment tracking code via a direct message to TrackThis.

The syntax to use is [tracking code] [nickname of package]. For example, if you ordered a PC and the tracking code from FedEx is 1234567, send:

d trackthis 1234567 PC

Trackthis will then reply you with a direct message each time your package changes location.

If you know of any other interesting applications with Twitter, do let just know.

[via CyberNet]