Touch Retouch Is A Mini Photoshop For Android + Free Giveaway [Update: Contest Closed]

Have you ever taken photos on your Android phone, only to find that there is a distracting object in the photo, or that the photo is blurry and badly taken? No. You sure? Let’s not bluff ourselves. All of us have this bad photo moments before. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is how you clean up the mess after that.

Touch Retouch is a simple, yet powerful image editing app for Android (and iOS), and yes, it does seems like a mini Photoshop to me. It has only a few features, but I can assure you that they are sufficient and good enough for your daily needs. This app is not about adding funny effects to your photos. It is about cleaning them up and make them look better, even if you have a lousy photo taking skill.

This is what it is capable of doing, removing unwanted objects from the photos.


The following screenshot is a photo that I took in a plane. The one on the left is the original photo. Notice the tip of the plane’s wing on the left corner of the pic? Now take a look at the retouched photo on the right. What did you notice? The plane’s wing is gone. And it is done in less than a minute! Amazing, isn’t it?

Let’s go through the app. When you first start the app, it will prompt you to load a photo, either from your gallery or take new photo using the camera.


When you have loaded your photo, you can start playing with the features. There are only 5 features available for the time being: lasso, paintbrush, move, eraser and clone stamp.

To remove objects from the photo, select the paintbrush. Use your finger to tap (and drag) the part where you want to erase.


Once done, tap the Go button (third from the right). This will apply the changes and remove the unwanted object from the photo.


Easy, isn’t it? You can also play with the clone stamp effect (I admit, it was badly done).


And lastly, don’t forget to save the changes (the last icon). You can save it to your photo library, or share it with your friends.

One thing to note: I am using the review version for this article and there are still some bugs, like force closing, effects not applied, photos not loading etc. The actual app was released to the Android market few days ago and I have not have the chance to play with the actual version yet. Hopefully, it is only this review version that has the bugs.

Other than the bugs, this app is awesome. With it, you can do wonder to your photos and become a pro, even though in reality, you are not.

Free Giveaway

We are glad to have 10 licence keys to give away. Here is what you need to do:

KingSumo giveaway id is required in shortcode.

This giveaway begins now and ends Saturday, 11th June 2011 at 2359hrs Pacific Time. The winners will be selected at random and announced via email.

Share and enjoy!

Update: Touch Retouch is now free in Android market. Download it here.

Touch Retouch is available in the Android market for US$0.99.

MakeTechEasier would like to thank for their generosity while participating in this giveaway. Interested in sponsoring? We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us.

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