Topicmarks: Extract Facts from Lengthy Documents and Obtain Their Summaries

Mostly, lengthy texts include numerous details that do not particularly interest you. Reading these texts in their entirety to reach their crux is indeed a time-consuming process. This is precisely why while preparing for their exams, many students prefer referring to their notes instead of their textbooks; the notes include important points, facts, and summaries without any unnecessary details. Unfortunately, such a set of student notes do not accompany every lengthy piece of text and you have to read it all if you wish to understand it all… unless you use Topicmarks, of course.



Topicmarks is a free to use website that helps obtain the crux of lengthy texts. The beauty of Topicmarks is the brilliant algorithm it uses to summarize texts and extract facts from them. When you provide the site with a long text, it passes it through its algorithm and obtains facts from the sentences; separately, you are provided with the summary of the text. All of this is done quickly and without any glitches. Such simplicity through which the central idea of texts is obtained will suit particularly students preparing for exams who need texts simplified to obtain the main points.


To start using Topicmarks, you will first need to register for an account on the site. You can start by creating a new account; alternatively you can log in using your existing Google or Yahoo account.


Once signed in, you will be taken to your dashboard. Here you will be able to specify the text that you want Topicmarks to process. You can either type/paste the entire text within the interface, specify the URL of the text, import text from your Evernote account, or simply select a file stored on your computer. For the stored files, Topicmarks supports the following formats: TXT, HTM, HTML, ODT, DOC, DOCX, and PDF.


Whichever way you input your text, it is quickly processed and informative statistics regarding it are displayed. These statistics include figured such as the total number of sentences, words, language, number of standard pages, and number of facts included in the text.


Additionally, you are provided with the average time it would take people to read the original text versus the average time it would take to read the Topicmarks summary.


The difference between these times i.e. the amount of time you will save reading is also clearly displayed.


Your processed texts appear in the bottom region of your dashboard. You can click on any text to read its summary and facts.


Different tabs for each text include helpful information about it. These tabs correspond to facts, summaries, keywords, index, and properties.


Since, by default, these summaries are publicly viewable you can share them across social networks using buttons located in the bottom. This setting can be changed under the properties tab.

In case you want the summary to focus on a particular word, you can do so by specifying in the allotted field. You can also access the index of words for the text and read facts contained in the text relevant to those words.


Thus, for each text you shorten with Topicmarks, you get a thorough set of facts and a complete summary to help you with the purpose of understanding.


Topicmarks is undoubtedly an invaluable web service. Not only for students, but for researcher, journalists, and anybody else who tackles long texts online, this website comes as a blessing. The fact that Topicmarks keeps your text saved for ever unless you delete it, adds to the already feature-rich package it offers.

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