Top 5 Small Android Phones That Will Fit in Your Palm

Small Android Phone in Palm of Hand

In a time when technological advances make things smaller, it seems like smartphones keep getting bigger. What’s more, many “small” devices come with less-than-stellar features or outdated technology, like 3G connectivity. As it turns out, there are a few options for quality Android phones that are small enough to fit in your palm. We’ve rounded up this list of phones with screens that are five inches or smaller and offer at least 4G connectivity and compatibility with various carriers.

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1. Best Overall: Unihertz Jelly 2

The Unihertz Jelly 2 is one of the smallest Android phones on the market. However, don’t let the three-inch screen fool you: this phone is packed with plenty of power and can handle anything larger flagship Android devices can. Although the battery life leaves something to be desired, and those with larger fingers may have trouble typing on it, the small size and capabilities more than make up for these flaws.

Small Android Unihertz Jelly 2


  • 3-inch screen
  • 128 GB storage
  • Dual cameras (16MP rear camera + 8MP front camera)
  • USB-C charging


  • Not compatible with AT&T network
  • Android 11 (outdated)
  • Relatively short battery life (6 hours of constant use)
  • No 5G compatibility

2. Best for Kids: Palm Phone

Anyone over the age of 30 will remember the heyday of Palm back in the 1990s and early 2000s. After a long absence, the company is returning with its Palm Phone, a smartphone that measures just over three inches. The phone runs a minimalistic version of Android OS, making it an excellent option for kids and teens who need a smartphone but not all the features that some other devices offer.

Small Android Palm Phone


  • 3.3-inch screen
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatible
  • Dual cameras (12MP rear and 8MP front)
  • Compatible with most US carriers


  • 32 GB storage
  • Cannot expand storage
  • Battery offers just 3 hours of call time

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3. Most Durable: CAT S62 Pro

Although this 5.7-inch screen measures a bit larger than other options on this list, the CAT S62 Pro is by far the most durable Android option that still fits in your pocket. It’s rugged, waterproof, and made for those living on the wild side or spending time outdoors. Moreover, the battery life also gives you the juice you need for an all-day hike or bike ride.

Small Andorid Cat S62


  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • 128GB storage
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built in
  • Double the battery life of other comparable phones


  • Less-than-impressive cameras (4MP rear, 2MP front)
  • Not compatible with Verizon network
  • Only upgradable to Android 11

4. Best for Typing: Unihertz Titan Pocket

One of the biggest complaints people have about tiny smartphones is how hard it is to type. Thankfully, the Unihertz Titan Pocket solves this issue with its built-in QWERTY keyboard. Although this makes the phone a bit larger, it’s still just barely five inches total.

Small Andorid Unihertz Titan


  • Fully QWERTY keyboard
  • 128GB storage
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Dual camera (16MP rear, 8MP front)
  • Full-day battery life, even with use


  • Not compatible with AT&T network
  • No 5G support

Tip: if typing on your smartphone screen is hard, you can change the size of your Android keyboard.

5. Best of Both Worlds: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Although the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 doesn’t technically measure as a “small” Android phone once it’s fully open, it meets the criteria of being ultra-portable and pocket-sized when folded up. It also offers Android 12 right out of the box and many other features you’d expect in a flagship phone.

Small Android Samsung Flip


  • Small when folded
  • 5G compatible
  • Dual cameras (12MP rear, 10MP front)
  • Supports wireless charging


  • Short battery life
  • Not small when unfolded

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't there many small Android phones?

Small smartphones serve a unique purpose: they’re ultra-portable and made for minimalists. Unfortunately, the small screen also leaves less room for a battery and other features, which makes them a turnoff for heavy users. Also, many of the available small Android devices only work with 3G currently, which most US-based carriers no longer support.

Are small Android phones low quality?

If you quickly search for “small Android phone,” many of the first items to appear in the search are cheap and low quality. However, all of the devices on this list offer similar features to larger smartphones with the benefit of a small footprint.

Why do small smartphones have less battery life?

Batteries take up space. When phones are small, there’s less space for a large, powerful battery. However, the benefit of smaller smartphones is that the smaller screen usually uses less battery life, so it often balances out.

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