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As technology grows and changes, there are ever-increasing ways available to us as Linux users to connect to our communities. It’s an essential part of open source; without a community, there is no feedback, camaraderie, or collaboration. In the spirit of community connection, here are the top five Linux podcasts that allow you to learn Linux, bring communities together and lift up Linux and its users.

1. Linux Unplugged

It’s hard to talk about Linux podcasts without talking about Jupiter broadcasting. They’ve been putting out Linux content for years, in one form or another, and in various formats. They have short-form Linux Headlines, more formal Linux Action News, and the long-standing fan-favorite Linux Unplugged.

Top 5 Podcasts Lup

Linux Unplugged is about community news and interaction. They have a “Virtual LUG” connected via Mumble and interact with the Mumble room throughout the episode. They cover major distros and software releases, dive deeper into big Linux news, and generally foster a sense of community throughout the show. I love how thoroughly they test new hardware and software before speaking about it on the show. It instills confidence in me that they know what they’re talking about and are speaking from an informed place.

The working relationship between Chris and Wes is plainly warm and friendly, which creates an environment that welcomes the listener into their world, whether listening for the first time or the 201st time.

2. Linux for Everyone

Linux for Everyone is an excellent podcast, particularly for beginners in the Linux world. The host, Jason Evangelho, is a prolific writer for various sites (including Forbes), but Linux for Everyone is the podcast he began to document his journey into Linux. He began using Linux in 2018, making him a relative newcomer and giving him a unique perspective on the various goings-on in the community.

Top 5 Podcasts L4e

A signature of his show is the very beginning of each episode, where a fan or some outside contributor sends in a clip of them welcoming each listener “home” in their own respective language. It’s a neat reminder that we all have a place in the community and that the community is much greater and more vast than we think it is.

3. Destination Linux

A self-described “conversational podcast by people who love running Linux,” Destination Linux is indeed that. It’s very conversational, and it’s also a pleasure to listen to. Bring together users who are very passionate about and experienced with Linux, and who all have very strong opinions, and you get a very entertaining show.

Top 5 Podcasts Dl

For me, its primary characteristic is that it makes me think critically about new releases and developments in the community. They will ask tough and important questions of their guests, and that reminds me to put on my “thinking cap” every episode. As a GNOME Shell fan, the grievances they have with GNOME Shell are valid much of the time, and it helps me to see the tools I use from different perspectives.

4. Linux Spotlight

Linux Spotlight is an excellent podcast for those listeners looking to learn a little bit more about the members of the Linux community. Rocco does a great job of asking questions that range from technology to personal details, and they all add huge value to the show. I love learning a little bit more about the people behind the technology, and it helps me feel more connected to large organizations like Canonical, Jupiter Broadcasting, and System76.

Top 5 Podcasts Ls

Personal details come out in Linux Spotlight that you may not have learned otherwise. For example, I learned that Carl Richell of System76 drove some of the early laptops he sold directly to customers’ homes in his own personal vehicle. It’s a reminder of the hard work it takes to spread the good word about Linux and that it is a thread that runs through all of us.

5. Late Night Linux

Late Night Linux is a fun, casual, entertaining podcast that brings together friends from all across the Linux community, including a long-time user, an administrator/developer, a technical writer, and the former Head of the Ubuntu Desktop. As they say, “Expect drinking, swearing, strong opinions and Will being told to shut up about Ubuntu.” It’s a podcast for the adults in the community, but those strong opinions are useful for stirring up conversation and a good laugh.

Top 5 Podcasts Lnl

The guys on LNL make it easy to feel relaxed and comfortable listening to their podcast. It’s not always easy to break down the barriers of creator and consumer of content, but the way they crack jokes and talk to each other makes me laugh along with them. I always look forward to their new episodes just to brighten my morning before I start my day.

I hope you found a new podcast or two along the way. Now make sure to check out the best free Android podcast apps, learn how to create a Podcast playlist in Spotify, and even discover how to produce high-quality podcasts on Linux.

John Perkins
John Perkins

John is a young technical professional with a passion for educating users on the best ways to use their technology. He holds technical certifications covering topics ranging from computer hardware to cybersecurity to Linux system administration.

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