Gear Up For The Holiday Season – Top iPhone Apps For Black Friday

Black Friday, for our readers who don’t know, is one of the largest shopping days out of the year. One thing that distinguishes Black Friday is the sales that you can find on this day. However, to take advantage of these deals, you must have a well thought out plan. This is due to the fact that most stores sell out of the best deals by sunrise. Black Friday is the epitome of the quote “The early bird gets the worm”. Below, we have outlined the essential applications for Black Friday, from rising until the end.

Best Applications for Getting Up

One drawback to Black Friday is the early hour of waking up and having to go to each store and shop. Topped with the fact that you enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving dinner the night before, it’s not the easiest thing to do for Black Friday. However, here are a few applications that will help you get up and get going at such an early time.


1. Nightstand Central

When waking up, why not wake up in an enjoyable way? Nightstand Central offers you with a nice and customizable way of waking up at such an early hour. When waking up, the application allows you to wake up to you’re a song from your iTunes library. In addition, if you want to wake up to news, podcasts are also supported. In addition, you can also look above the time to see the weather for the morning, allowing you to dress accordingly. Taking a nap once you return? No problem, Nightstand Central supports multiple alarms, allowing you to plan your alarms well before Black Friday. The application is free, however the full version is $1.99.

2. Alarm Clock HD

Alarm Clock HD is the application that I personally have on my iPhone and it works great! The application has customizable sounds to wake up to. Instead of a loud blast of music, the alarm gradually plays the music. The application also allows you to set multiple alarms for throughout the day. Once up, you are able to see the weather for the day. No need to keep your iPhone unlocked, the application also works on a locked screen as well.

3. Alarm Clock Rio

Alarm Clock Rio has a similar interface with Alarm Clock HD. However, Rio offers more customizable backgrounds including, my favorite, the flip clock interface. The interface is distraction free, allowing you to know the time without also seeing all of the other information usually shown on the screen (signal strength, top bar, etc). Learn the weather conditions in your area before you leave, just in case you have to wait in line, you’ll be prepared!

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Get a Head Start with Store Apps


There are so many retailers that have great quality applications. These applications, along with other specialty Black Friday applications, allow you to know if the price you are getting in-store is comparable to those online. In addition, you’ll be able to compare in-store prices with other in-store prices. This is important because the whole point of Black Friday is to get the best price possible.

1. Target

The store app selections in the app store are sort of minimal, but the Target application is pretty nice. You are able to shop directly from the application itself, perfect for getting great deals that aren’t as well in-store as they are online. Unlike other applications, that just focus more on the online inventory, the Target application also looks out for the in-store users out there. With the daily deals section, on-phone coupon, weekly circulars, and gift cards and more, the in-store users won’t feel left out on Black Friday.

2. Best Buy

The Best Buy application allows you to scan products in store, being able to quickly get product information before buying. You can also take advantage of the Best Buy RewardZone offers from your phone’s application as well. Plus, have a virtual copy of the week’s advertisement, great for having a quick reference for Black Friday sales, the night of Thanksgiving. Anyone interested in purchasing technology for this year will go to Best Buy, making this application an essential Black Friday companion.

3. Black Friday

It goes without saying that the best Black Friday application out there is the official Black Friday app itself. This is the Black Friday bible for any shopper interested in venturing out the night after Thanksgiving. Taking a look at this application days or even weeks before Thanksgiving will allow you to have a good plan of which stores to go to for Black Friday. If there are any items in the leaked circulars that are on the list of your friends and family, you are able to save it in the application for later. If you are willing to leak your secrets, Black Friday for iPhone allows you to share the deals with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

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Time for an Energy Break


From 4AM until sunrise, there is no time for a break. You are in game play mode, getting ahead of the pack to get the best prices out there. However, just like machines, our bodies need an energy break in the middle or after our Black Friday adventure. The applications below will allow you to know the best places to refill our internal batteries.

1. Starbucks

Black Friday can be quite stressful. Why not take a much needed energy boost at your nearby Starbucks. The application allows you to search for nearby stores using your current location. Not sure what to get? Use the application’s menu to find out what you want while on your way there. You can even use your virtual Starbucks card to pay for it all.

2. Urbanspoon

Urbanspoon is a great application for looking for the perfect place to have a nice sit down brunch or lunch. You can use the application to find spots near you, search according to neighborhood, cuisine, and price range. Still not sure where to go? Check out in-app user reviews to make sure the place you want to go is the best in town.

3. Foursquare

Yes, we know, not a dedicated restaurant application. However, Foursquare is the application that will allow you to extend your money saving past Black Friday shopping. Foursquare has a deals section that allows you to use virtual coupons from retailers and restaurants partnering with Foursquare. The deals are good, ranging from free appetizers to a percentage off your meal.

These and the various other Black Friday applications will make your shopping day more relaxing. Are there any applications you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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