Top 5 Apps for Apple’s New 10.5″ iPad Pro

As a recent owner of the new 10.5″ iPad Pro, I’ve been scouring the app store for apps to truly get real work done – and some games for a day off. This article will cover a few of my favorites thus far especially those that most users will get a real use out of.

1. Excel


I place Excel first on the list because Microsoft has seriously outdone themselves in this release. They truly have brought desktop-class apps and capabilities to the iPad, and that experience only grows stronger with Excel and the Apple Pencil. You will have the same features of the desktop app, just on the mobile display. It does, however, require an Office 365 subscription for use. Luckily, most schools and businesses are paying for this already – so check with your institution or place of work.

2. Asphalt 8: Airborne


Work hard, play hard. Asphalt 8 is a free, graphics-intensive racing game that the A10X Fusion chip handles well with virtually no lag. On-screen graphics are beautiful, and the game truly takes advantage of the Pro’s high-dynamic range display. Race against friends over Game Center with Porsches, Teslas, Mustangs, and more.

3. iMovie


iMovie has been underrated as a piece of editing software that the pros could get behind, but the new 10.5″ iPad Pro with Pro Motion and the A10X fusion chip makes it an app that is worth the while. Edit audio by separating it from clips, reduce noise, bring up vocals, and play it back on the Pro’s four speakers. The True Tone display will help make your color correction look its absolute best. There’s also a wide array of text and transition options to really make your production stand out.

4. Google Drive


Google Drive looks especially great on the iPad Pro, and file management is as easy as ever. With 15GB free with a Google Account, which is 10GB more than with iCloud, Google Drive is the perfect option for storing all of your important files and accessing them across devices. You can browse full-quality thumbnails without having to completely open a file, and you can tap into a massive array of options, again, without having to open the file. This feels even more natural with the Apple Pencil. All-in-all, Drive just seems more fluid and captivating than on a Mac, PC, or even an iPhone.

5. Adobe Spark Page


Spark Page is a fantastic application for designing beautiful web-pages on the go. These pages are not full-fledged websites in the traditional sense, as a standalone domain name is usually not attached, and the page flows from top to bottom with no internal links. Spark Page allows the user an alternative to classic presentations, event details, and newsletters. Generally, pages are designed with unique and bold titles, body text, videos, and bold images. With iPad pro, Pro Motion is taken into account— and full-fledged images truly pop on the large display. When I need to get a presentation together, death by Powerpoint is no longer part of my arsenal. Spark Page is the future, and it is phenomenal.


With the new 10.5″ iPad Pro being an extremely recent release, what apps are you personally hoping to see take advantage of the True Tone display, Pro Motion, 10.5″ of real estate, the Apple Pencil, the Smart Keyboard, and iOS 11? Let us know in a comment below!

Corbin Telligman
Corbin Telligman

I'm a junior at UT Dallas, a tech enthusiast, an adreneline junkie, and a coffee fanatic.

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