Top 5 QR Scanner Apps for Android

You might use your smartphone for just about everything these days. You check your email, listen to music and take pictures (among other things). Since there is an app for just about everything, there’s obviously one for QR codes as well.

By using one of the following apps, you can read or create a QR code of your own. You can create one for an event,  a location, a message and more. With one of these apps, you can even read a QR code from an image in your device’s gallery.

QR Reader Tiny Scanner Barcode

QR Reader Tiny Scanner Barcode can not only read QR codes but can also create them. You can create a code for either an email, message, location, event, contact, phone number, text, WiFi access, or URL.


When scanning a code, you can either use the front- or rear-facing camera. If you need more light, tap on the flash icon for a perfect read. The app can also save your history and your favorite QR codes as well. It’s a good-looking app that will give you no issues when using it.

Lightning QR Scanner

Lightning QR Scanner is very straightforward.  When you open the app, make sure that the plus sign is in the middle of the code. If for some reason you can’t get close enough to scan the code, use the slider below to zoom in.


The more you move it to the right, the more it will zoom in. It also has a flash for poorly lighted areas and a history of all your scans.

QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader only allows you to read QR codes. You can either scan codes you’ve saved in your device’s gallery or the traditional way. Just tap on the image icon at the top and find the picture. It also has a flash, and what you see when you first open the app is everything there is to it.


QR Code Scanner

QR Code Scanner is a good looking app that lets you scan and create QR codes. The app keeps everything organized into four tabs: Scan, Create, History, and Settings.


If you need to create a code, you can make one for a Website, Contact, App, WiFi Access, Text, or Content from the Clipboard. In Settings you can also adjust the scan area size to as big as 50 x 40.

You can have the app play a sound when it scans, Copy the content to the clipboard, switch cameras, or open websites automatically when you scan a code.

QR Droid Code Scanner

QR Droid Code Scanner is full of great features. It gives you advice in real time to correctly scan the QR code. If you’re too close to the code, the app will display an image telling you to back up.


You can create a code for I.C.E (in case of emergency), QR Business Cards, Contact, Text, Waze Link, Calendar Event, PayPal Payments, Local Image, Phone Number, Geolocation, Email SMS, and apps.

The language of the app can be changed to either Spanish, Italian, German, French, Chinese, and more. You can set the app up to whenever you open the app, it can open to Scan, Show the app options, History, Create, and more.

QR Droid can also save all the codes you scan automatically to your clipboard. The app also has a great feature where you can automatically push the codes to your smartwatch. You can also save the codes as images, edit a code after printing it, see how many times a code has been scanned, and more.


QR Codes are extremely useful and help speed things up. Even if you’re not very tech-savvy, you can still create your own code with the above apps. Do you handle QR codes regularly? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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