4 Apps and Online Tools to Find Out What to Watch on Netflix

The cold months of December and January are upon us which means we’ll be spending more time inside. Although the thought of spending most of your days inside for the next few months sounds a bit depressing, technology has provided us with one of the best gifts we could ask for on a snowy day at home – streaming.

Streaming is one of the most popular solutions available that can save you from going completely stir crazy as you hang out at home to avoid the cold weather this season. If you plan to let your streaming habits reach an all time high this season, chances are you’ll probably run out of things to watch after a while and will be looking to find what to watch on Netflix. Here are four apps and online tools you can use to find awesome new content as well as old favorites on Netflix and other popular streaming platforms.

1. FlickSurfer


If you enjoy being the person in your inner circle who recommends the most cutting edge shows and movies, Flick Surfer is about to be your new best friend. The site provides lists for top-rated content on Netflix and other streaming apps that can help you identify awesome content that hasn’t been hyped up. You can filter your results by genre, critic reviews, and awards won. If you’re looking for work produced by a specific director or cast member, you can even use the site’s search feature to find content released by him or her.

Everything you need to further establish yourself as the go-to person for movie and show recommendations is at your fingertips with this cool resource.

2. What to Watch


One of the worst things about being an avid Netflixer is the¬†tendency to complete entire seasons in one weekend. Fortunately, finding a new show that’s similar to the one you’ve been binge watching for the past couple of days can help you get over the post season finale blues. What To Watch is a free online tool that provides a list of recommended shows you can watch next based on your interests. Simply enter three of your favorite shows into the tool, then press the “Go” button to generate a list of shows you might enjoy watching next. The list provides multiple options as well as trailers and summaries for each suggested show.

3. Yideo


If you’re looking for a specific movie or show you haven’t seen in a while, chances are you’ll have to look in a few places before you find it. It’s a bit discouraging when you can’t find the content you want on Netflix, but Yideo can help you find out if it’s available on another streaming site. One catch is you’ll have to download the app to use this tool. The good news is the Yideo app is free and available on iOS and Android devices. Once you have the app, you can also use it to set up notifications for when and where your favorite shows become available to stream.

4. Fan TV


Fan TV provides another platform that shows you where you can stream the content you’re looking for, but it also provides information regarding trending content for specific genres. For example, if you wanted to keep up on the most popular new releases on each streaming platform, you could check out the site’s “What’s On” feature to find this content and get info on where and how you can stream it.

So there you have it, four awesome apps that can help you find the movies and shows you need to get through another season indoors. You no longer have to bother with what to watch on Netflix. Simply plug in to these apps and let them recommend shows you will like. Have an app or tool you’d recommend to fellow streaming junkies? Comment below!

Cosette Jarrett
Cosette Jarrett

Cosette is a tech and lifestyle writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She's worked as a writer in the tech sphere for a little over five years, currently specializing in providing practical ISP and consumer tech tips. In her free time, Cosette enjoys spending time hiking, biking, and snowboarding in Utah's beautiful backyard.

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