Toodledo: The Killer Task Management Application

Toodledo is a simple and easy to use online task manager which aims to help you become more organized, stay motivated and more productive. While there are many to-do list applications around, Toodledo stands out among the rest because of it has plenty of “killer” features.

1st killer feature: Providing you an organized way to manage your to-do list

There are plenty of ways you can manage your to-do list in Toodledo. You can organize them into different folders, add subtasks for each task, insert tag for easy retrieval, group them into context for relevancy, starred it to show urgency and many other ways that suit your needs and preferences.

2nd killer feature: Highly accessible

While it is a web-based application, Toodledo has make it easy for you to access and update your to-do list in your daily life. You can choose to update your tasks via Twitter, insert an entry to your Google calendar, as a widget from your Mac dashboard or even subscribe to your own task list RSS feed.

3rd killer feature: Goal setting and progress tracking

We all know that any goals can be achieved by simply completing a list of tasks. The only problem is how we can keep ourselves motivated to complete the required tasks. Toodledo allows you to define your goals (short-term, long-term, lifelong) and create a list of task required to achieve that goals. It helps you to stay motivated, and at the same time allows you to track your progress and how close you are to achieving your goals.

4th killer feature: To do list booklet

Toodledo booklet

You can easily print your to-do list as a foldable booklet that you can put in your pocket. Each booklet contains your hotlist, your top 110 most important tasks, and a section for written notes. Assembly of the booklet is as simple as one cut with a scissors and a few folds.

Now, if you feel that the above features are not enough and you wanted more, Toodledo has released their API so that you can easily create your own app and integrate it with Toodledo. Several useful features such as the Firefox extension make by third party developers using the API.

There are three accounts that you can sign up with Toodledo: free, pro and pro plus. The pro account costs $14.95 while the pro plus costs $29.95 per year. For the price you pay, you can enjoy extra features such as 1GB of storage space, goal progress tracking, booklet customization and many more.

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