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tomtoc supplies a range of Nintendo Switch cases to fit different needs. This review covers a number of the different cases tomtoc carries, including the Slim Case, Hard Storage Case, Backpack Storage Travel Bag, and more. See if you should “make the Switch” to one of these tomtoc Switch cases!

Slim Case

First up, we have the Slim Case. It’s a perfect design for traveling with just the console and without the dock or additional controllers. The case fits tightly around the console and has a screen protector built into the case to prevent scratches. The screen protector features small pockets for game cartridges, for a total of ten games.

Review Tomtoc Switch Cases Slim Outside
Review Tomtoc Switch Cases Slim Inside

The case has a wrist strap that attaches tightly and securely. It uses an outer material that feels tough and durable, and the zips are well-made and won’t break off easily. The case itself comes with a small drawstring bag which feels great for holding a pair of headphones or a cable.

This case works well if you want to carry about the Switch console, a couple of games, and maybe a cable or pair of in-ear headphones.

Price: $17.99 – $20.99 (depending on color)

Combo Set

The Combo Set is functionally identical to the previous one, with one significant difference: a Switch plastic cover takes the place of the drawstring bag. The case itself is more spacious so that it can fit the Switch while it’s wearing the cover. The majority of the details are identical to the above case, so let’s explore the cover and how it feels.

Review Tomtoc Switch Cases Combo Inside
Review Tomtoc Switch Cases Combo Insert

There are two “bulbs” on the back where the Joy-Cons are. These give your hands that little extra bit to grip. I didn’t know how much holding a Switch without accessories made my hand ache until I used this cover!

Unfortunately, the Switch with cover doesn’t fit back into the dock. As such, you’ll get the best use of it if you use the Switch as a portable device exclusively and charge it directly from the power outlet. If you do want to dock the Switch, you’ll have to keep taking the cover off and putting it back on, which can get annoying.

Price: $13.99 – $16.99 (depending on color)

Hard Storage Case

The Hard Storage Case has similar functionality to the last two with some additional key features. For one, this has a dedicated screen protector instead of using the game cart flap. The cart flap itself is upgraded to hold twenty-four games. The case also has a large pocket on the other flap with a mesh front.

Review Tomtoc Switch Cases Hard

The large pocket can easily hold the Joy-Con Holder controller that comes with the Switch, with enough space remaining for the console’s power supply. The larger controller doesn’t fit so well, however.

If you lift the screen protector and then angle the cart flap at a 45-degree angle, you’ll have a fantastic Switch stand! It’s very sturdy without inhibiting the ability to tweak the volume, charge the console, or vent heat out the back due to the small slot on the stand itself.

If you go for this case, a word of warning: you’ll notice a strap attached within the case with a Velcro end that doesn’t seem to do anything. This strap goes under your console when you put it into the case. When you want to get the console out, tug at the strap to pop it out. I didn’t do this the first time, and it was a real fight to get my console back!

Price: $18.99 – $21.99 (depending on color)

Backpack Storage Travel Insert

Next is the Backpack Storage Travel Bag. This bag is the odd-one-out of the products I reviewed, as it didn’t have the same hard casing as the others. Instead, it’s a fabric bag that’s not too bulky. The backpack’s storage space is impressive; it can hold the console, the dock, the power lead, two or three controllers, and a bunch of games, too.

Review Tomtoc Switch Cases Backpack

One half of the bag is dedicated to the Switch, dock, and cables, while the other half is a large pocket where you can throw just about anything you’d like in. The carry straps don’t have any shoulder padding, but the whole bag is light enough that it doesn’t cut into your shoulders.

Unfortunately, there are no game pockets like the other bags. The official photography shows games in their boxes within the large pocket, which is probably the intended way of carrying games around in this bag.

Price: $29.99

Travel Storage Case

Finally, we have the item that impressed me the most; the Travel Storage Case. This fantastic storage case can hold it all: a Nintendo Switch with Joy-Cons attached, a Joy-Con Grip with Joy-Cons attached, the dock, four Joy-Con straps, a Pro Controller, the power plug, and the cables. All of the above items, bar the cables, have foam outlets for them, which keeps everything safe from impact damage.

Review Tomtoc Switch Cases Storage
Review Tomtoc Switch Cases Storage Accessories

Fortunately, tomtoc did carry the game cart pockets into this box. They went all-in with this case; it can hold 32 carts! This amount of space is undoubtedly enough to cover even the most hardcore Switch players.

The box can be used as a storage box or carried around with the handle on top. Even better, if you open up the large pocket and put a hand in, you’ll find an adjustable padded shoulder strap that turns the box into a messenger bag. Whatever use-case you have for this box, it can do it all – color me very impressed!

Price: $35.99

Overall Verdict

Overall, I was thrilled with every tomtoc accessory. The gripes I did have were minor and didn’t detract from the overall product.

What I loved the most was how each accessory fit a particular niche. It’s easy to pick the one that suits you via the following guide:

  • The Slim Case is best for getting a Switch, ten games, and charging cables from A to B — nothing more, nothing less.
  • The Combo Set also fits the above, but with the addition of the comfy cover for extended portable play.
  • The Hard Storage Case is best for people who want to bring everthing with them, such as their collection of carts, a stand for the Switch, plus the Joy-Con Grip in case a Player 2 wants to hop in.
  • The Backpack Storage Travel Bag is best for people who want to bring the console, dock, cables, and controllers wherever they go, without their entire collection of games.
  • The Travel Storage Case is best for storing everything, as well as hauling your vast collection wherever you go.

From now until August 21, you can use the code MAKETECH and get 15% off the Travel Case, the Storage Case, the Combo Set, or the Backpack Insert, only at Amazon.

Which accessory do you like most? Let us know below!

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