TODOFeed: Create Plans and Sub-tasks to Share with Friends Online

TodoFeed-1Often, when group plans, such as outings and parties, are made, participants complain about the tasks they are assigned. Because normally tasks are assigned without consent, people’s tasks usually do not match their best abilities. For instance while arranging a get-together between friends, you would ask a friend to bring the food while he would be more suited to arrange a venue.

To avoid such mishaps it is best to lets event participants pick their own tasks. This not only ensures their satisfaction but also the proper execution of tasks. Here to help you organize plans and events this way is a wonderful web service called “TODOFeed”.


TODOFeed is a brilliant and free to use website that lets you create plans for friends and coworkers. The site lets you build a plan with a description and then add sub-tasks to it. For example, a party plan could include the tasks of bringing the food or taking care of the decorations. Descriptions can be added with each task to fully explain them. By adding participants to your online plan, you can have your friends view it and the tasks that need to be completed. They can see which tasks suit them best and opt to complete them. In this manner, the plans are executed smoothly to everybody’s satisfaction.


You start using TODOFeed like most other online event planning services – by signing up for an account. The site offers you the flexibility of signing up through your Facebook account.


Once you have activated your account, you will see an empty dashboard i.e. you will not have any plans on the site yet.


You can start creating plans quickly by entering a plan name and date using the text area on top of the page.


When created, your plan will have its details visible. Along with the status, date, description, and tasks of the plan, you will be able to read the comments left by visitors on the plan.


Before other people can start leaving comments on your plan, you must use the “Add Participants” button to invite friends. You can do so by connecting your email accounts or directly entering your friends’ email addresses.


You can start adding new tasks by clicking on the “Add new task” button included next to the plan’s information. With participants added, the next step is to add tasks to your plan. This is done using the “Add new task” button visible on your plan. Clicking this button will let you name a new task, enter its description, and specify whether it is to be completed by an individual or multiple people.


All the tasks you create for a plan appear right under its description. The task descriptions along with their statuses are shown in the same area. Participants can conveniently view these statuses and sign up for available tasks.


To view the list of your existing plans, you can use the “Plannings” link located on top of the page.


Clicking this link displays your plans neatly, letting your easily navigate to the plan you want to view or modify.



With an intuitive interface and highly useful service, TODOFeed will benefit all event planners. From major office parties to casual friends’ get-togethers, this user-friendly website will satisfy all users. And because the site offers such flexible tools, TODOFeed can be used to assign tasks for any type of group activity, not just major events. For instance project tasks can be eased by letting group members choose their own responsibilities. All these things give this simple website a lot of potential and a strong reason for you to check it out.

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