Tips To Efficiently Use Lastpass For Android

Lastpass is one of the most widely used password managers for web browsers and mobile devices. We here at Make Tech Easier have written about Lastpass several times in many of its forms. While Lastpass does store passwords and other secure notes such as bank account information or credit card information, using it efficiently is key. The tips below will help you get the most out of Lastpass while using it from your Android device.

The options below can be found in the preferences section of the Lastpass Android application menu.

Change the default action

When you first install Lastpass under Android device. The default setting when you touch a saved site is to open up the default browser. While this is useful, a more useful option is to have your username and password to be displayed in the notification bar. What will happen is two separate entries will show up in your notification bar. When one of these entries are tapped the password or username will be copied to the clipboard allowing you to paste it into the text area of the site.


Store your email

Some people may disagree with this option, but it does speed things up. On the login screen for the Lastpass application, there’s a box to check to store your email address. By ticking this box, Lastpass will keep your email address in the text box. You still have to type in your password each and every time you’d like to login. By having an extremely strong master password, showing off your email address shouldn’t be that big of a deal.


Use favorites

In each of the website entries, Lastpass offers you the option to mark the URL as a favorite. By saving a site as a favorite, you will be able to track down your commonly used sites a lot quicker. Another option to speed up finding your commonly used login info is to use different groups like categories. You could have one for entertainment, another for shopping or have a personal and work folder.


Use the Lastpass browser

Using the Lastpass browser is another way to be more efficient. By launching a stored URL in the Lastpass browser instead of the default browser, you can easily fill in the username and passwords. With a press of the menu button, you’ll see your options; select auto fill. You also have the choice to fill in forms if you have one set up.


Use the Lastpass Keyboard

Using the Lastpass keyboard works in a very similar way as the Lastpass browser. When you navigate to a page, you can press the Lastpass button and you are shown all of the sites in your Lastpass vault.


Final thoughts

When you do a lot of web browsing on your Android device, it’s good to know tricks to make the task more pleasurable. If you can’t make it more pleasurable, you might as well make it easier. Hopefully these few tips help make it easier and faster for you to log into commonly used sites.

What are your tips to better use Lastpass on your Android devices?

Lastpass for Android

Trevor Dobrygoski
Trevor Dobrygoski

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