Tips and Tricks to Using the S-Pen Stylus For Samsung Note 2

Do you have an Android that came with a stylus like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Do you see the pen as more of a novelty than a tool? You’ll be glad to know it’s not an expensive accessory sent with the phone simply to lose; the S-Pen stylus can do some useful things.

In talking to people who own the Note 2, the hardest part of using the S-Pen stylus is getting to know what it can do and remembering to use it. If you are not a stylus user, this can be a bit of a challenge. However, once you start using it, the S-Pen is great.

1. Enabling the S-Pen input method

The first thing to know about using the S-Pen is you can use it on any app on the Note 2 and Tab Note 10.1 where you would normally use the keyboard. Finding the spot is not the easiest thing to do, though. Open an app will normally require you to use the keyboard. Press and hold the microphone button on the keyboard. In the pop-up window, check the box in the second row from the left at the bottom that has the “T” and the pen. To change back to the normal keyboard, do the same in reverse.


2. Quick Commands

The Quick Commands are great shortcuts for things like creating email or creating Web search. To access the Quick Commands, here are the steps:

  • Hold the S Pen button down.
  • Place the stylus head on the Note 2 screen and swipe up.
  • Write a command in the box that pops up.
  • To create your own commands, tap the Settings tab then Quick Command settings.


3.User Guide App

Do you need a few good ideas on using the S-Pen? Here is an app that Samsung put out to help you figure out different ways to use the pen. It’s basically an instruction manual on different uses. While the app is nothing more than a link to YouTube videos, its good to have all of the instructional videos grouped in one place.


4. Screen Grab

Press the button on the side of the S-Pen and hold it to the screen. This will enable a screen capture.

5. Copy something

When you see something on the screen, you can press the button on the side of the S-Pen and draw around the shape. When you do this, there is an option to copy it. You can then paste it wherever you’d like, in a note for example.

6. Quick Note

Remove the pen while on a phone call to have a sticky note-like window pop up so you can take notes if needed.


7. S-Pen Shortcuts

Use the S Pen to drag the notification bar down to see and select one of the S-Pen shortcuts.

 Final Words

The S-Pen is one of those accessories that can really make your Samsung Note 2 really useful if you know how to use it. Like any technology, you will want to get a feel for the basics then add some slightly more advanced skills. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed or you won’t have the urge to even try to use the S-Pen Stylus at all.

Do you have a tip or trick you’d like to share about using the S-Pen Stylus? Leave us a comment below.

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