TinyTake, a Small (But Powerful) Screenshot and Screencast Tool

Taking screenshots is an activity required by many people, especially for people that, like me, often write “how-to” and tutorial articles. They are essential to show others something from our own computers, without the need for a physical presence or a tedious screen recording using third party gear.

All operating systems come with a built-in screenshot function, but sometimes we need more than just the simple “photograph,” leading us to screenshot tools. There are several available online, each with its own positive and negative features. Today I bring you TinyTake, a small and useful program for Windows users to try.


TinyTake is developed by MangoApps and has a team of Indian engineers behind it. This is a free and fairly recent tool, but is filled with a whole set of capabilities that make it a trustworthy app.


Actually, the first surprise with TinyTake comes with the fact that it is not just a screenshot tool, as it can also record your screen in video. With this, we can safely assume that this is one of the most complete programs available within this niche. Not only is TinyTake simple to use, it also provides extensive keyboard shortcuts.

Using TinyTake

Using TinyTake is really simple: It just sits on your system tray and does not interrupt your workflow in any manner. It is free and does not require any registration unless you use the Share functionality that allows users to publish screencaptures online, get shareable links and reference their upload history.


By clicking the tray icon, users are presented with a full set of options as well as their respective keyboard shortcuts, with the obvious highlight going to the two main features of TinyTake, image and video capturing.

For the image capturing functionality, users can choose to capture a specific region from the screen (chosen with the mouse), the whole active window or the whole screen. To capture video, users can record a screencast of the screen itself and video or images from the computer’s webcam.


The second step is to annotate your images and edit your video recordings according to what users want. TinyTake offers a fully-loaded editing suite for images, with the ability to insert arrows, squares, circles, text and so on. With this, screenshots can have accompanying subtitles or specific indications in order to help readers.

In the third and final step, users can do one of two things: Either save the screenshots or video recordings to local files or directly upload them to the Web. TinyTake provides the ability to directly upload images or videos to MangoApps cloud (supposing that you registered for a free account). After doing so, a link to share the image/video is immediately provided. TinyTake also lets you email the contents strictly from the app itself.

Another interesting feature found in TinyTake is Bulk Share; that allows you to send multiple images to other people in one go. Bulk Share is found in the context menu and also uploads the files to the MangoApps cloud, generating a link for sharing.


This small app is really more powerful than it seems from the surface, furnishing several important and useful features for screenshot and screencast purposes. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa

Diogo (@diogocostaweb) is a Biologist with a grip on computers and technology. Running Windows systems all his life, has a big interest in discovering new apps that increase productivity or simply make things more interesting. He lives in Portugal and has photography and music as main hobbies. He is also the author of the page techkern.tk, a page for short (but useful) computer tweaks and tutorials.

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